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Spotlight on Local Youth – Jamie Iwata releases The Sun this Sunday!!


Jamie Iwata officially releases his new album this coming Sunday 6/26 at McMenaminsWhite Eagle’s monthly local youth showcase with Niamh and Pedestrian Death Gang. I’ve been following Jamie’s musical journey since he was a student at the Portland School of Rock. He was one of the school’s ambassadors and student mentors through their House Band program. I’ve often seen him advising younger students on how to achieve a certain guitar tone or going over harmonies until they were perfect. Jamie has an incredible attention to detail and an overwhelming desire to communicate through music.

Jamie-Iwata-releases-The-Sun-this-Sunday-01The job of a musician is not as easy as we would like to think. We see the performances, and we assume confidence, charisma, and an extroverted personality from what we see on stage. However, in many cases, true artists are thoughtful and quiet, sometimes reserved and doubtful about their ability to communicate clearly. Iwata has so far lived a life of grasping for both knowledge and expression, While attending college, he has written some beautiful prose dealing with life, disappointment, emotional pain, and the strength to overcome. Everywhere he has been, Iwata’s quiet and supportive presence has left the people in his life with the accurate impression that he is full of deep thoughts and good ideas.

Jamie-Iwata-releases-The-Sun-this-Sunday-02The Sun features a collection of introspective songs that feature Iwata’s pure and perfect vocals accompanied by creative and clear guitar work. A beautiful expression of his mind and heart, very honest and vulnerable – a peek into the mind of Jamie Iwata! At the show, Iwata will be joined by additional instrumentalists and will have some physical copies of the new CD available. For now, you can listen to Follow the River from the new album on Soundcloud. The album is also available on Bandcamp.

Jamie-Iwata-releases-The-Sun-this-Sunday-03Join us in celebrating this new season for both Jamie Iwata and Niamh, this Sunday 6/26 at White Eagle Saloon. Doors are 2:30PM, show 3-5. Special thanks to our sponsors Ole Latte, Stefanie Fisher/Windermere, White Eagle Saloon and School of Rock. A big shout out to our media partners Vortex Music Magazine, PDX Spotlight and Teri’s Tunes PDX! Thank you to all supporters of our local youth bands – these are the people who change the world!

Band photo credit: Annette Johnson



Co-Host Cruz Yates

We were incredibly impressed by the performances on Saturday at the White Eagle Local Youth Music Showcase! Many thanks to our sponsors, supporters, hosts, bands, and all the fantastic audience members who showed their appreciation and encouragement! Please enjoy the  photos taken during the show. Feel free to add your comments!

School of Rock House Band

Jack Morrtensen Music

Black Sand

4 Day Moon

Pedestrian Death Gang

Michael Hermes

Spotlight on Youth Musicians: Michael Hermes


This Saturday, April 9 is a very exciting day for Portland Notes – we are co-hosting an all local all youth band music showcase at McMenamins White Eagle Saloon! We are so proud to be able to feature the music of Michael Hermes! Michael and his family are well-known to me through our mutual association at the Portland School of Rock and Abundant Life Church. I’ve been blessed to know so many amazing developing musicians in my time at both places, and Michael has really impressed me for his music, his character, and his musician’s heart.

Currently at the age of 15, Michael Hermes is the youngest artist ever sponsored by Kiesel/Carvin Guitars. Michael is an accomplished musician and songwriter. He plays the classical guitar (studying under Scott Kritzer), the electric guitar, and writes music on the keyboard. His influences in music include: Hans Zimmer, Paul Gilbert, Guthrie Govan, and Andres Segovia.

Spotlight-on-Youth-Musicians-Michael-Hermes-03For the past 9 years Michael has played at venues Northwest, alongside seasoned veterans and onstage with Portland School of Rock. It’s absolutely impossible to explain what happens when seeing and hearing Michael play guitar – you must be there! I saw him play recently at the Monsters of Rock benefit concert along Brian Harrison (The Last Draw) and many other established Portland rock heroes. His ability to connect with these musicians as an equal in talent and poise is beyond impressive.

Spotlight-on-Youth-Musicians-Michael-Hermes-02His heart is fully invested in music and all that goes along with it – rehearsing, working with his amazing parents to schedule all the events, designing his own logo, and conceiving of the most amazing beautiful guitar music imaginable! Michael has just released his first full-length CD Wonders of the Unknown, which is available on Bandcamp. All of the music on this CD was written and performed by Michael.

Spotlight-on-Youth-Musicians-Michael-Hermes-01I cannot wait to hear what Michael has planned for the White Eagle Youth event. He will be headlining the show, and it’s bound to be outstanding! Please join us Saturday, April 9 at the White Eagle Saloon. Doors 11:30, Show 12-2:30 Tickets available at www.cascadetickets.com. He will play alongside School of Rock Haus Band, Jack Mortensen Music, Black Sand, 4 Day Moon, and Pedestrian Death Gang. Show will be hosted by Portland Notes’ Kelly Jones and Shadows of the Revolution’s Cruz Yates.

Shadows of the Revolution – local Youth Band covers classic hits!


Celebrating youth musicians in March and April has certainly been fun! The White Eagle Youth Showcase is coming up this Saturday, and we’ve really had a great time getting to know the bands who will be playing. We have one more fun surprise related to the event – we will have a youth co-host, Cruz Yates! Cruz is the frontman for the all student band Shadows of the Revolution, and he has the perfect personality to help emcee our event. We are so grateful for his help!

Shadows-of-the-Revolution-01Shadows of the Revolution is currently a cover band, but they are working on some original songs. Right now, their presentation of classic rock hits is spot on, bringing audiences to their feet! Shadows has played at several events lately, including a St. Patrick’s Day celebration at St. Agatha’s, and a recent fundraiser for Haiti sponsored by Cruz’ home church, Abundant Life, in Happy Valley. Once school is out, you can expect to see this band everywhere, at local farmers’ markets, street fairs, and corporate events. Manager Jack Yates has shared an extensive list of gigs in the works! We are also hoping to feature some of the band’s original music at the next Youth Showcase!

Shadows-of-the-Revolution-02The band is an all youth ensemble, with musical influences such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Journey, Van Halen, Kansas, The Foo Fighters, and many more! Coulter McIntyre, Ethan Famodu, Cruz Yates, Ben Ramsell, Ryan Stephens and Mary McIntyre work together to select and play songs that make audiences dance and sing along!

Shadows-of-the-Revolution-03We’ve included a few videos of their live performances, which are very impressive! Shadows of the Revolution is a band where the members are perfecting their skills by playing note for note covers of familiar rock songs – I love that a teen band is immersing themselves in Journey, Rush, and more! Please enjoy these videos, and come hear Cruz introduce fellow youth bands at our upcoming showcase on April 9. Doors at 11:30, music at noon!