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Eric John Kaiser at Urban Decanter

Eric John Kaiser at Urban Decanter on 01-16-16 #01Known as The French Troubadour, Paris-native Eric John Kaiser fell in love with a girl and followed her to Portland in 2006. He played a lot of shows before the migration, and a good deal more since. He logs nearly 10,000 miles annually, taking his Parisian Americana to the world. He’s spent plenty of time in the studio as well, releasing four albums: “L’ODyssée”, “French Troubadour”, “Dehors c’est l’Amérique” (Outside, it’s America) & Idaho, and three EPs: “Portland Rendez-Vous”, “1+1=Freedom”, “Le Pari (The Bet)”, “Paris, Portland, Niamey”.

Eric John Kaiser at Urban Decanter on 01-16-16 #06Eric has made the trip from Portland to Forest Grove at least every other month for the last 6 years or so to play the Urban Decanter. On Saturday he brought with him three guitars, his guitar amp, looping pedal and classic Shure microphone. He set up right next to the door and greeted everyone who came and left, calling most of them by name. Most of this songs were his own, with covers sprinkled in, often sung in French. Nothing like playing “Name that tune” in a foreign language. “Country Roads” and “Polson Prison Blues” were two examples.

Eric’s latest single is “Idaho” which he wrote while he was there.

And be sure to check out the photos from the event.