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Midnight Honey at McMenamins Grand Lodge

Revitalizing the R&B-Soul genre with an attitude that is both sweet and sassy, Midnight Honey delivers and evening’s entertainment you’re not likely to forget. Up front are Shelly Rudolph and Bre Gregg, a pair of powerhouse singers who flaunt a wide palate of lush harmonies and an undeniable sister-like chemistry. In addition to a sultry arsenal of original music, they have a unique catalog of covers to bring to the stage.

Thursday evening, the weather was perfect for the crowd to hear a Shelly Rudolph original, “Ripen Me” on the lawn at Pat’s Corner.

Butterfly Breakdown at McMenamin’s Grand Lodge on 4-1-17

Anastasia Gilliam and Zay Harrison joined forces in 2011 to become Butterfly Breakdown. They are very versatile with a vast repertoire of original songs and cover tunes ranging from R&B, Pop, Rock and Blues. In 2015, they were joined by keyboardist Fern Young, though she was on vacation this night, taking the duo back to their roots. As they played the Garage Door at McMenamin’s Grand Lodge, the sets consisted of 50% original material, with covers by the likes of Amos Lee, Marvin Gaye, Tracy Chapman, Louie Armstrong, Led Zeplin, Stevie Wonder and others.

In addition to a great variety of entertaining music, you should catch Butterfly Breakdown live someday for the equally entertaining story-telling between songs. I’ve capture an example for you. Enjoy!

Foreign Talks, No Ceilings Release 7/1/16 at Dante’s Portland – Exploring, Experiencing, and Exuding the love of Rhythm and Rhapsody


From the shores of sunny California to the beaches of Hawaii, from the rocky coasts of Oregon to the pure sands of Jamaica – there is a common love of a certain kind of roots music – the kind of music that you enjoy while kicking back with a cold cerveza on the wet sand with your surfboard beside you. The music you listen to while you drift away into daydreams – and maybe most of all, the kind of music that you listen to in order to take a journey to a more relaxed, happier place. Foreign Talks has captured this sound in their new album No Ceilings, and is prepared to officially release the music and the ideas behind it to the world at Dante’s Portland Friday night, July 1.

Foreign-Talks-No-Ceilings-Release-03Foreign Talks is composed of a group of very young men, who formed their band while still in high school together in Vancouver, Washington. Five years later, they are still together, writing cooperatively, touring, and making plans for the future of the band. It speaks volumes about the band that they are still together despite families moving, college offers, employment opportunities and the like. These young men are dedicated to their music and to following wherever the path leads them. At the core of the band are 2 brothers, Madison Fischer (lead vox/percussion) and Marcus Fischer (lead vox/guitar/bass), who are less than two years apart in age. Their bandmates, however, are also as close as the siblings. Tanner Steinmetz (guitar/bass/backing vox). Kevin Downes (guitar/backing vox/percussion), and Jeff Wagner (drums) are also founding and current members of this unusually loyal group. Like brothers, they argue, tease, challenge, and encourage each other constantly. It takes a close bond to hold a band together through high school and young adulthood. These guys are literally growing up together in every way, especially musically!

Foreign-Talks-No-Ceilings-Release-02At their formation in 2011, Marcus Fischer says that the band was “finding their voice” and exploring the music they loved – a very vocally and melodically-driven indie sound. With a strong exposure to jazz, R&B, rap, pop, rock, and any other kind of music you can name, the Fischer brothers are able to absorb genres like sponges. Since the release of their self-titled album in 2013, the band has been immersing themselves in island roots music.The new album No Ceilings shows that the band believes there are no boundaries to music, and they are presenting a fusion sound of pop and reggae, R&B with surf, and just general “chill out” music that is catchy and relaxing. They have not just incorporated the reggae sound, either – it’s more of a lifestyle choice. The band has taken the time to appreciate the driving force and emotion behind the laid back reggae beat and island tone. Marcus explains that life today is hard, and music is a way to express and escape internal struggles that might otherwise be too difficult to bear. Foreign Talks wants to bring peace, joy, and love wherever they go, while getting people on the dance floor with a bottle of beer.

In the audio interview, Marcus really does a great job to explain the versatility of Foreign Talks – they are expressing a lifestyle of acceptance, observation, exploration, and sharing. The band wants to be relevant by expressing that we all live in this same world and we all have negative obstacles to our happiness being placed in our path every day. Foreign Talks’ music is an encouragement to live today to its fullest, enjoy every minute, and share your love with a love-starved world. Check out the very talented and entertaining band this Friday night at Dante’s.

Special thanks to Alex Steininger of In Music We Trust for introducing Portland Notes to this band. And a huge shout out to Isaac Brock and Woods Entertainment for helping to create the amazingly produced tunes on No Ceilings. The album is available for purchase now on CD Baby and ITunes. You can also listen on Spotify.