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Spotlilght on Youth Bands: Niamh performs her EP June 26


Having just released her first EP at age 16, Niamh is not new to the stage. She’s been performing for years and already has a nice overseas fan base. Making it in Portland is a whole different story, especially as a young woman who specializes in unabashed electric rock. She’s determined to get her music out there, having created some very well-produced tunes, and a very easily navigable website. Niamh is an experienced multi-instrumentalist, having spent serious time in lessons for vocals, piano, bass and guitar. She has been an All Star for School of Rock, and a vital member of the School of Rock Portland Haus Band. Now she prepares to present her new EP at an all-ages youth showcase at the end of the month.

Niamh-performs-her-EP-June-26-01Niamh’s sound is full, rich, and aggressive – her voice and lyrics are mature, while reflecting the advantages that young women have as they discover their ability to protect and defend themselves with their words and emotional intensity. Throughout the EP, the lyrics seem to offer one solid bit of advice: in relationships, be aware that one person is probably more invested than the other. This message is very representative of this generation’s approach to love – the power lies in the hands of the least invested… it’s interesting to think about, certainly. The songs that stick with a listener are often about failed relationships, longing, conquering loss, and moving on. Niamh writes from the perspective of someone who has done some research.

Niamh-performs-her-EP-June-26-02Knowing her personally, I can say that Niamh is a very intelligent young woman. I believe she has used her insight from listening to others’ personal struggles, learned from her own mistakes, and gained a good sense of her strengths and weaknesses. The lyrics are easily understood, the instrumentation is skilled, and designed to be memorable, with special attention to cleverly crafted bass lines, The EP is brimming with all the oohs and ahhhhs in the background vocals that make you want to sing along. And we invite you to come sing along at White Eagle Saloon on Sunday, June 26. Niamh headlines this youth event, which features her EP release, another EP release from Jamie Iwata, and an appearance by Pedestrian Death Gang. See you there!