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#WomenCrushPDX Supports Music and a Safe Community

Last month on the evening before Thanksgiving Day I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with #WomenCrush Music, an international non-profit organization whose mission it is to support rising women songwriters by hosting showcases, workshops & networking events, all while creating a safe community. I have to admit that I was there to perform with my band, Avalanche Lily, and that I wasn’t very familiar with #WomenCrush Music before then. What I found was a warm welcoming community of musicians and an incredibly talented lineup of performers and a mission that’s about a lot more than music.

Katelyn Convery
Katelyn Convery

The November showcase at the White Eagle included several singer-songwriter performances, starting with Katelyn Convery who sings aching songs with a strong buttery voice and bass-y acoustic guitar. I also really dug the darkly seductive piano pop from Lauren Kershner, who recently released a new single and music video, Wicked, that matches her intriguing persona perfectly. Special guest, EmZee, the co-leader of the Missoula, MT chapter, closed out the night with a spirited performance. The sheer talent of these three performers was impressive, reminding me and everyone in the audience of Portland’s bounty of incredible local music.

Lauren Kershner, photo by Lambda Lion Media
Lauren Kershner, photo by Lambda Lion Media

The next #WomenCrush Music event coming up on Wednesday, December 19, at the White Eagle will be a holiday party and an educational workshop about treating music like a business, taught and sponsored by lawyer Michael Jonas of Rational Unicorn Legal Services. The event will also feature live performances from Acoustic Minds, a well-known local band led by two sisters, and Complementary Colors, a duo of brilliant married musical ladies who recently released a new EP.

Complimentary Colors
Complimentary Colors

Hannah diMo, leads the Portland chapter of #WomenCrush and wants “to help other women and women-identifying humans achieve their dreams.” Her new single is coming out on Feb 23 with a release-party at Holocene and she will be playing with her band at the White Eagle on January 3.

#WomenCrush Music was founded in Portland in January 2017 by then-local musician Ashley Kervabon. In two years the movement has expanded to 15 chapters in 12 cities across the United States and in Vancouver, BC. You can learn more about the history of #WomenCrush Music by checking out their fb page, their website, and this article in Vortex Music Magazine.

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ACOUSTIC MINDS – May the Fourth Be With You Concert 5/4/16!!!


Acoustic Minds is moving to Los Angeles – I am going to miss this band so much! The band says goodbye with a special show at the Doug Fir on May 4! They’ll be playing with Roseland Hunters and Keegan Smith & the Fam. SECRET: they will play the entirety of their NEW unreleased album at this very special Star Wars themed event! Additionally, those who purchase a ticket in advance will receive a free download of the newest single, “Empire.” Amanda, Jenni, Josh, and Aaron – your leaving will create a hole the size of the Death Star in my heart…

Acoustic-Minds-May-the-Fourth-Be-With-You-Concert-03I first heard this band play on Portland Radio Project. They were one of many amazing bands I heard play at the Music Matters live-streamed event last May, hosted by Oregon Music News and Portland Radio Project. Their sound captured my attention, and I had to do some research. I was stunned to find that the live sound produced was created by only four people! I was even more impressed when I happened to walk in and see them performing live in the Portland Radio Project studio. The force is strong with this one…somehow the band managed to reproduce their incredibly complicated and full live sound in the tiny studio. I also appreciated Amanda and Jenni’s completely modern Euro fashion sense. Instant love!

Acoustic-Minds-May-the-Fourth-Be-With-You-Concert-02The band has embraced their technical prowess, and on this new song has created sounds that combine human and machine into something amazingly spacey and dangerously heady! The new song “Empire” will be played on PRP’s Portland’s Playlist show Wednesday night immediately before their live Doug Fir event and will be reviewed for Vortex Music Magazine.

Acoustic-Minds-May-the-Fourth-Be-With-You-Concert-01The History of the Acoustic Minds’ “Empire” begins with Jenni and Josh. Though they are not Star Wars super fans, the two writers appreciate the ripe symbolism and imagery that can be enjoyed musically. Jenni and Josh began discussing a fantastic musical character: the Space Bass Egyptian Goddess… Amanda says that the character is strong and dangerous, but just really trying to grow her power. She remarks that the tune is both dark and light – like the force! It is impossible to miss the relationship between the song and the band itself. As Acoustic Minds prepare to move to California, they present an album that is strong and dangerous – but they really are just growing their power, as they have been all along. Amanda credits South by Southwest Music Festival for some amazing memories and gives a shout out to Darkart for mastering the beat that makes this song so epic!

Come on out and say goodbye to a band that has continually evolved their sound, never straying from expansive creativity with production and honest skill on their chosen instruments. Doors at 8PM, Roseland Hunters at 9PM, Acoustic Minds at 10, and Keegan Smith & the Fam at 11:15. Tickets are $10 in advance and $14 at the door. In the meantime, enjoy this video of “Quicksand”, which shows the softer side of the band – the light side of the force.