Kendl Winter & Eli West at Grand Lodge

Kendl Winter & Eli West at Grand Lodge on 1-8-16 #11Her bio describes her as a traveler, a dreamer, and a banjo player who sprouts alfalfa beans in mason jars in the back of her tour van and counts the days until she returns home to her house boat to write songs on her banjo through the rainy afternoons.

There is nothing fancy or pretentious about Kendl Winter.

I can take Bluegrass music only in small doses, and I’m not crazy about the banjo, but for some reason, I love hearing Kendl work! This is the third time I’ve heard her, the first two times with Palmer T. Lee, her partner in the duo The Lowest Pair.

Have a look at the photos I took, and check this video.

Jack McMahon at Grand Lodge

Jack McMahon - 1Jack McMahon has been around a long time. He’s a joy to experience on stage because he is right at home there. It’s like he’s invited you into his living room to hang out for a few hours. He started in New York’s Greenwich Village, and opened for such acts as Bruce Springsteen and Steely Dan. You’ll find him at large festivals and small venues all around town — and I suggest you do.

I took a few photos that evening, shortly before Christmas.

Oregonian music critic John Wendeborn called Jack “…one of the best on the west coast…”, and that’s why The Cowboy Angels recorded Jack’s song “When The Rain Came Down”. Hear Jack’s version as I did:

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