Mexican Gunfight at Rock Creek Tavern on 8-15-19

Portland’s Mexican Gunfight was formed in 2006 by four old friends and musical brothers in arms who had worked together in various combinations since around 1985. And it shows too as they make playing music look as easy as a stroll through the park. In the band are Dave Coey (vocals and bass), Alan Toribio (guitar and vocals), Mike Walker (keys) and Ned Failing (drums and vocals). Here’s the 10-year-old Dave Coey song Cat Burglar.

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The Bridge City Blues Band at McMenamins Rock Creek Tavern on 8-10-2019

The Bridge City Blues Band have been playing together for over six years. They have made their reputation playing a high energy mixture of rhythm and blues standards both classic and new, from Jimmy Reed, Willie Dixon, Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters to Bo Dudley, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Albert Collins, Sonny Boy Williamson and BB King, Taj Mahal and many more. I recently captured a Muddy Waters tune at McMenamins Rock creek Tavern.

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Ra Recorded, By Treneti, Stands Out Among The Crowd

The end of March is a tumultuous time, as the weather finds its place in between winter and spring, we all collectively get used to it being a brand new year, and thousands of musicians around the world suddenly realize that the NPR Tiny Desk Contest is right around the corner and scramble to get together an entry to hopefully catch the attention of the universe. Out of this swirling mass, the calm, playful, and spiritual tones of Treneti’s video “Ra Recorded” caught my eyes, ears, and heart.

Link to video

Armed with “only” a bass, and backed by only drummer Peter Ryan, Treneti spins an assured mythology through the song “Ra Recorded”. I will begin by letting her speak for herself: “To understand the story of Ra Recoded, first you have to understand bit about the nature of my Being. I am one who channels sacred memory of the Earth and human time lines on the planet. This cosmic energy field is called the Akashic Records. This is the space I tap into to receive healing messages for myself, others and the place from which I receive psalms. “Ra Recoded” is a continuation of another psalm I received simply titled “Ra”.

You can continue to read the rest of her amazing story, which was a direct response to NPR reaching out to ask about the song, on her Facebook Page.

I met Treneti during some time spent taking an energetic body movement class, and I can attest to her amazing ability to download and disseminate information, whether it be through music, movement, energy, or meditation. It is not often that a live video is able to truly capture the essence of an artists reach through reality, but this one does. You can catch her playing around town, and participating in a number of healing ceremonies and charity events by checking out the schedule on her website:

Arbor Daze’s “Dispatches From The Void” Shows Us Where To Go

It is not often you receive a literal road map to go along with an album by a new artist on bandcamp, but with Arbor Daze’s “Dispatches From The Void”, we are in luck that a well documented path is laid out for us. Here is a list from their page:

“Ideal places and situations to listen to this album:
-red eye flight to a foreign country
-driving past a place you used to live, but don’t anymore
-in a cave, literally or metaphorically
-while you’re looking in the mirror wondering how exactly you got stuck with the particular body you’re in.
-after a panic attack about mortality “

Arbor Daze is the solo project of multi instrumental songwriter Aspen Koch, who during live performances makes expert use of loop pedals to weave excellent sound textures which excellently act as a great canvass for her songs and melodies. A lot of times, loop pedal guitarists seem to just loop themselves out into the stratosphere of the Noise Realm, but Arbor Daze tunes are actually very well crafted songs, with almost a theatrical feel to them, but also seem to have a lot of a more cinematic emo influences to them as well. On “Dispatches From The Void”, lead songwriter Aspen Koch is also joined by Kris Savitski on percussion, synths, and other noises.

Check out Arbor Daze’s Facebook Page for gigs, and the Bandcamp for more music!


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