Intense Psychedelic Whimsy at Motorcoat’s Single Release Party

Local psych rock trio Motorcoat recently released a new digital single and b-side called Heads & Tails in anticipation of their upcoming full-length album. I’ve long been a fan of their lush, expressive sounds and wild, humorous performances, so I made sure not to miss their release party at Kelly’s Olympian, which also featured performances by the bands Draves and Low Flyer.

Draves opened the show with a rousing set of tightly composed garage rock tunes with unexpected flourishes such as proggy rhythmic interludes, melodic lead lines played on bass, and novel lead guitar pedal effects that sometimes even sounded like synth patches. This was one of the group’s first shows, making their tight and energetic performance all the more impressive.

Draves at Kelly’s Olympian on 3-23-19

The second band, Low Flyer, was another group I hadn’t heard before, but they quickly impressed with solid songwriting, and a well-blended, expansive sound that seemed to be somewhat influenced by 90s/00s neo-psychedelia and post-rock. They excelled at playing slower, elegant ballads with cathartic climaxes, but also deftly delivered energetic rock numbers, making for nice variety of mood and tempo throughout the set.

Low Flyer at Kelly’s Olympian on 3-22-19

Motorcoat headlined with a whirlwind of sound, stage antics, and goofy banter. Alex Fulton and Michael Vincent posed and jumped around in a sparring pantomime, staring each other down and shredding while wielding bass and guitar like swords. Meanwhile drummer Matias Morel played frenetic rhythms while triggering dense keyboard samples on an electronic drum pad without missing a beat. At one point Alex jumped offstage and danced with the audience while continuing to play speedy bass runs, and Matias even spit up fake blood between a couple songs, adding to the comical intensity of the performance. All three members’ ferocious chops combined with the artfully programmed drum pad samples created an enveloping psychedelic sound that morphed in tone from doom-ish heaviness to upbeat blues rock riffs to breezy trip-hop grooves with ease.

Motorcoat at Kelly’s Olympian on 3-22-19

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