Minda Lacy has a Beautiful Preoccupation with Worms

Minda Lacy’s has a beautiful preoccupation with time, the future, death, and worms. Minda, a recent transplant from New Mexico, says her songs are about “finding contrasts such as beauty in the ugly, silliness in the serious, humor and light in morbidity.”

Her minimally produced blues and jazz influenced folk songs have an immediate familiarity and consistency, evoking Courtney Barnett, the Be Good Tanyas, and Leonard Cohen. Her voice, bare and sweet, yet grounded, along with her matter of fact light-hearted philosophical narrative is the kind of thing that feeds the soul. Her latest album, Worms, was released by Outfield Records, a small label from Olympia, Washington, in October 2017, two years after the release of her debut in 2015, Owl Faces.

Worms is a five track EP that starts with an endearing tune called Time. “Time time time I do this all the time I spend too much time thinking about time… I’m starting to worry that we’re all in a hurry… I wouldn’t feel so far behind if I wasn’t so restless all the time… I’d figure it all out if I could, but I got a terrible feeling I’m not doing what I should.”

The second track, A Letter, looks to her future self to give perspective to a present day situation. “I’m looking forward to a time years from now where I can write you a letter expressing how you make me feel right now.”

The final two tracks, Dying and Worms, gently make light of life and death. While the lyrics seem a little grim, the tone of these toe-tapping songs is charming and whimsical.

“I’m dying, and you’re dying, we’re dying… only for a lifetime… I won’t be dying any more when I’m dead… everything is here until the second it’s gone… and if it doesn’t go right it doesn’t have to be wrong”

The album cover is actually a picture of Minda taken by her uncle when she was 6 or 7 years old looking through a magnifying glass that she got for her grandfather for Christmas. It’s a curious photo, and perfectly depicts the unique lens through which she views the world.

Minda enjoys collaborating and playing with a variety of musicians. Just Buns is a group that she is involved with that released an album a year ago. Another one of her groups, Bitches in the Beehive, is set to release an album this year.

Follow Minda Lacy on Facebook and check out her latest album on Bandcamp, Spotify, and everywhere you listen to music.

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