We Three – Meet the Family Band: Release concert this December 10

As We Three prepares to launch their album, Celebrate the Struggle, Part 1, the siblings have found a non-profit partner to work with. In this interview, learn about their history, the upcoming release show on December 10, and their plans for the next year.

Siblings who have been playing together for a while, We Three create original music, as well as bringing their own style to some of your favorite covers, past and present.  Check out the interview below, and be sure and mark your calendar for a fun and worthwhile event.

PORTLAND NOTES: Tell me about the upcoming release – how did you decide when to “drop”? How will you promote the new music? What’s it called?

WE THREE: As for the release date we basically chose it because we it worked out well for the December 10th concert . We were asked to partner with an organization called Hope On The Hill by putting on a benefit concert for them on the 10th at their Church on the Hill. In doing so we wanted to take advantage of our amazing community of people who would be coming out by releasing our album specifically for that concert. We have an amazing support system in our town. The community of McMinnville loves the arts and LOVES supporting local musicians. We have fans who have seen our shows too many times to count but still make it a priority to come out to every show they can. It means so much to us.

The album is Called “Celebrate The Struggle Part 1”. We’re releasing this album in three parts because we are so eager to release a full album again. In our society we are all about instant gratification and we completely understand that’s it’s important to continue releasing projects for your fans. We didn’t want to keep our amazing group of fans waiting for a whole album which can take a while so we decided to split it up into 3 parts. By doing so we’ll still get to release Part 3 as the final album with all the parts combined. For us it’s going to feel like a completed project because we have so many songs we want to share!

PORTLAND NOTES: How did You Three find each other?

WE THREE: We are siblings, so we met at birth. We started playing together almost 10 years ago. We grew up each taking private lessons all starting on piano and from there shifting to our main instruments. Joshua stuck with piano and added drums. Bethany shifted to bass. Manny shifted to guitar. All of us love singing as well. We learned to sing and play simultaneously.

PORTLAND NOTES: Who are your musical idols, past or present?

WE THREE: Past favorites are Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, Tower Of Power, Bela Fleck and Chicago. Presently,: Ed Sheeren, John Mayer, Sara Barielles and Josh Garrels,

PORTLAND NOTES: What is the first band you remember hearing as a child? Who played that album for/with you?

WE THREE: Earth Wind and Fire by dad.

PORTLAND NOTES: Why do you all make music – what message do you want as your legacy?

WE THREE:  It’s our way to connect with people, spread light and love and spread the vision of hope for a better tomorrow. We like to be honest in our songs. As songwriters we’re learning how important and difficult it is to be honest and vulnerable through your music because that’s when you can touch the most people. We hope to encourage and support people right where they’re at in their lives through our music.

PORTLAND NOTES: What are your plans for 2018? What are you looking forward to most in the coming year?

WE THREE: We are looking forward to promoting this album and finishing up part 2 and 3! We’ve had some exciting opportunities and some incredible feedback on the album already, which makes us very excited about this coming year! Our summer concert schedule is already filling up! We’ve learned so much and love the idea of life being all about the journey! We don’t expect to ever get to our destination. We love the journey and pushing ourselves to constantly grow in our music. We’re grateful that we get to do it together as siblings.

You may listen to music by We Three on their website, and engage with them through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

[sc_embed_player fileurl=”http://PortlandNotes.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/We-Three-Timeless.mp3″] We Three doing “Timeless”

18 thoughts on “We Three – Meet the Family Band: Release concert this December 10”

  1. I just saw We Three on America’s Got Talent. I am shocked that no one commented on the drummer playing keyboard and drums at the same time.
    The fullnest of the sound of these three was incredible! I want to hear more! Much more!

  2. Just saw you perform for the first time, I also felt it.
    You’re a God gifted crew. # Loving it.

  3. I just saw you on AGT AND WAS SO BLESSED by your music….I live in Vancouver, WA now and I really hope to see you in person in the future. Your song touched my heart in so many ways……I could feel my mom saying these words to me as she went to be the Lord in 2011…thank you and God Bless You All?love Gayle

  4. Hi Josh,

    Just saw you guys on AGT. What a beautiful anointed song. Had me in tears, I lost my mom 6 years ago, I miss her so much.
    Praying for We Three to win. Can’t wait for all the testimonies, and I look forward wihen you come back to our church North West Harvest in McMinnvlle to worship! Blessings on you and your brother sister!

  5. So excited to see that We Three is getting the attention they deserve – thank you all for the love and encouragement! It’s wonderful to see our local gems shine for all the world to see!

  6. Watched AGT the other night and your beautiful song about her view at the end of her life was reliving the loss of our mama. We lost our mom to 2nd time to colan cancer.. It was so beautiful. Mom lived with my husband and I and was on Hospice. We lost mom this past July 23 2017, felt like mama was here when you performed. You are a blessing to many.?????????

  7. Just saw you on AGT. By far my favorite act of the night. I can tell that you appreciate the amazing gift God gave you. Please keep using it!

  8. First time hearing. I too lost my Mom and Dad to Cancer 9 and 10 yrs ago…I am making a prediction already that you win it..put it out there praying it comes to you….Beautifully anointed siblings…

  9. I stumbled across the video of y’all on AGT. I can’t stop watching it!!! I had to Google y’all to see more and hear more of you! You all have such amazing talent and a sound that is incredible and all your own!! I love it!! Please keep sharing it with the world! I look forward to hearing more from you!

  10. The drummer/keyboardist totally blew me away also! Sweet Jesus bless these kids!! Look down proud Mama!!!❤️

  11. When Simon said there is something different about you guys, I believe it is because you love Jesus. What a way to spread His love to so many!!! My husband and I can’t wait to support you all and see you play every time possible. We live in McMinnville, and how awesome to say you are from this town too!! Your mother was looking down with such joy and pride for her babies!!! I’m so sorry you lost your momma at such a tender age!!! I lost my mom when she turned 53, and it leaves such a hole in your heart that only God and time can heal. Music sure helps too!!! I pray you all go all the way on AGT!!! You are amazing!!!

  12. such wonderful voices and wonderful Talent. What a great story you have to work with. Sometimes our greatest struggles become our biggest accomplishments good luck in all you do hope to hear more I will be following you.
    and may God grant Eternal memory and Perpetual light to your mother.

  13. Please post if you all plan to tour. Would love to see you all perform. I am an Oncology nurse and my heart has been touched by so many of my patients and their families. It brought me tears of happiness and sadness all at once. Your mother is looking down and smiling at you all.

  14. Lost my momma at 55 years old in 1999. It’s a very difficult thing, missing her everyday. This song has touched my heart and I could imagine my momma singing this to me. I love this band, they are extremely talented and I want to buy their album. God bless you and your family.

  15. Such an amazing story and family. I am a fan of your Dad. Would enjoy having a coffee and conversation. My contact is here. WeThreeMusic is incredible. God bless you.

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