Worth at Grand Lodge

WORTH is the music project of Portland-based singer-songwriter Christopher Worth. WORTH has become known for his unique style of bohemian blues hop which he developed as a street performer traveling across the US and Europe. His songs are timeless and real and are tied together by the power and purity of his voice. On stage, he takes charge and let’s it go in whatever direction that seems right at the moment.

Over the weekend, Christopher was kind enough to come to my neighborhood. I have to admit that I’ve never heard music with a single guitar/vocalist and a sax before. It was amazing (as you’ll hear).

It was one of those *very* warm summer days we’ve been having, and during one of the first songs, Christopher wanted us to encourage the staff to get some fans for the band. Instead of waiting for the song to end, he just made up a new verse, and let his wishes be known. Since he was playing the Garage Door at McMenamins Grand Lodge, the solution was simple – open up the big door. Right after that, he played this lovely love song.

Link to video

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