Clara Baker at McMenamins Grand Lodge

On the first Saturday of the month, Tara Velarde plays the Garage Door at McMenamins Grand Lodge, and generally brings a friend. She has awesome friends. Case in point, Clara Baker. Clara grew up in Portland as part of a musical family. She has spent the past seven years learning licks and writing songs while performing and touring in Oregon, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, California and the Northeastern US. Her debut album, Temporary Things, was successfully funded on Kickstarter and came out in June 2015 to critical acclaim.

Clara did the second set during Tara’s residency last weekend, and I was there with my video camera. As much as I loved her music, I enjoyed the storytelling even more. Knowing a little background on a song just makes it pop to life all the more. Here is a great example (picked because it made me laugh) for you to check out. Then, head to her show page and catch a show. You won’t be disappointed.

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