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Amit Erez of The Secret Sea is not one to actually keep anything secret: whether it be a critical self-assessment, an awkward observation, a vulnerable feeling, or a current obstacle – Erez will tell it like it is, with honesty and openness. The Secret Sea is his current new project, Everest is the album name, and we can get our eager hands on it this November at the Liquor Store with Glasys and Arrows in Orbit. Erez is very excited about this latest in a series of albums – he feels like he has found himself and perhaps even more importantly, he’s found the words to express his passion in a way that communicates and sets himself apart. Take a listen to our audio interview to learn about his unusual approach to writing, his inspirations, where he comes from – and where he is headed next.

the-secret-sea-on-2016-10-17-01Erez has been making music on his own and with others for years (this is album #7!) – it’s the primary driving force in his life. Creating, mastering the nuances of the English language, and writing from a variety of learned perspectives, he is an attentive and observational writer. In Israel, his home country, Erez was most often compared to the Northwest’s own Elliot Smith. Recognizing the similarities, he wanted to experience the same surroundings, the same energies, and to actually work with Smith’s producer, Larry Crane, at Portland’s Jackpot Recording Studio. Erez came to Portland after a good deal of thought. He knew his inspiration would be here, in people and nature that are unique and wonderful.

the-secret-sea-on-2016-10-17-02Experiencing music as its own force, somewhat supernatural, Erez is guided by musical creativity. He is inspired by what is not immediately seen – letting himself relax into the writing process, he feels almost as if he is taken over by the force of music. Allowing himself to connect with the ethereal and magical qualities of musical expression, Erez follows the sea where it flows, using his mastery of lyrics and instrumentation to take us along on a moving and immersive journey. If all of this sounds somewhat spiritual – it is! Erez is connected to something at the same time both outside and deeply inside himself when writing. A deep respect of the elements, an empathetic approach to relationships, and the desire to experience with more than the tangible come together in some strikingly beautiful and moving music.

the-secret-sea-on-2016-10-17-03Until the November release, there are a few ways to check out Amit Erez and his catalogue. Bandcamp houses all of his previous work, in addition to a few early releases. The video of Canada (my favorite), is available for view – and you can check out his interview at Portland Radio Project with Veronica Bisetti. I’m also excited about Erez appearing at the Local Roots Live Series at Alberta Street Pub in December – this is some beautiful music, everyone. I hope you will take the opportunity to experience The Secret Sea.

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