Matthew Lindley’s new album Late Bloomer to be released October 8 at The Secret Society!


But…there are no secrets between friends – let’s share this great music with everyone. For Matthew Lindley is a man of the Northwest with stories to tell about life and love, traveling and staying put – this record release party at The Secret Society on Saturday, October 8 also celebrates Lindley’s 10th year as a Portlander! He has a lot to celebrate, and I’ll tell you why!

matthew-lindley-at-portland-notes-20161005-01Lindley is a legitimate child of the region, having grown up in Eastern Washington and regularly spending time with family in nearby Idaho. He woke up to 22 inches of snow, raked maple leaves, and had to alternately don and shed multiple layers of outerwear on his way to and from school. He spent weekends in the car visiting relatives, seeing fields pass by, smelling the cool clean air, and watching mountains in all different kinds of Pacific light. It’s not a bad childhood – and all this time, Lindley was gathering thoughts and ideas…processing…experiencing…and forming lyrics and impressions that are clearly expressed in his music. Lindley says that those weekend road trips between Washington and Idaho were filled with music. His parents and grandparents shared their favorite roots music with him from early childhood on.

matthew-lindley-at-portland-notes-20161005-02Lindley learned a few things about the joys of communicating through music. Our interview was a great insight into his writing style. I certainly recognized that his songs have been brewing since he could first speak…”late bloomer”, maybe…but maybe also just in time to reach an audience with pointed precision! His experiences with sharing songs around campfires, writing for showcases in school, and finally realizing that his musical stories connected with people emotionally – it lit a fire inside him that will never burn out!

matthew-lindley-at-portland-notes-20161005-03This second album, he laughingly says is “mostly about girls.” Of course it is – but it’s also a testament to the vast amounts of time Lindley has invested in his craft, a tribute to the many roots artists who have inspired him, and a joyous array of genres of music all performed authentically.

You can check out the album Late Bloomer on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and on Lindley’s own webiste – He is most excited about the upcoming album release. Late Bloomer will officially be released live at The Secret Society on October 8. Lindley plays with The Low Bones and Bad Assets. Check him out on Facebook too – you can never have too many likes! AND check out the title track video, premiered on Oregon Music News!

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