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What a joy to spend time chatting with a band whose motives are completely understandable – to hang out, drink beers, write songs that remind them of the music that they have grown up with, and create music simply for the purpose of having fun. This attitude shines through in their easily enjoyable tunes -true pop songs that have developed from decades of musical exposure and experience. Hooks, impressive vocal harmonies, relatable lyrics, and no pretension whatsoever. Metropolitan Farms is a band with music you love to love.

metropolitan-farms-at-portland-notes-01This band almost flew under my radar – being mature working adults, Metropolitan Farms haven’t had a great deal of experience with social media. With a presence on Bandcamp, Amazon, and CD Baby – they’ve been more focused on creating and producing new music, as well as playing as many gigs as possible. Being lovers of a variety of different genres of music, you can find the band playing on stage before and after hard core punk bands, garage bands, and experimental instrumentalists. Metropolitan Farms appreciates all forms of music – the members tend to befriend all types of bands who have the same goals – enjoy what you’re doing and share it with people who want to have a good time.

metropolitan-farms-at-portland-notes-02With a writing process that develops from a melodic focus, Joe, Josh and Linc work together to create layers of music in such a way that makes it almost look easy…don’t be fooled. Getting a lyrical and melodic idea into a two to three minute package is an incredible challenge, but they do it well. I think Ned Lannamann from Portland Mercury absolutely nailed it when he wrote “[Metropolitan Farms] have fun making quick bursts of guitar pop that, more likely than not, will get lodged in your head.” I know they surely have invaded my head space in a most delightful way.


You can get hold of or hear Metropolitan Farms new (second) album Oafish Twist in a number of ways. The soft release happens this October 1, when they join friends Dr. Something and Lagoon Squad at t The Lombard Pub, a.k.a. The L.P., which is the new name for the space formerly known as The Foggy Notion (3416 N Lombard)! This show is FREE (21+)! You can also purchase the album on Bandcamp right now. The band also will appear soon at one of my favorite local gigs – The Alberta Street Pub presents Local Roots Live Series Second Wednesdays! They’ll be playing November 9, with 4 other amazing local bands on the rise – Boxing Day, Foreign Talks, Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats, and CORNER. ($7, 21+ after 8PM)

Check out this modest and unassuming band, who exists solely to enjoy and share a good time with you! And – please give them a like on Facebook, it’s totally worth the push of a button to encourage such a great group of guys!

Interview with Kelly Jones from our new studio!

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