And Now…In This Corner…BOXING DAY!


Three friends, with a common goal…joining forces to create an amazing youth band – Boxing Day is exactly the reason I do what I do. I am so excited to be able to feature this emerging band of young men at our upcoming August White Eagle event on 8/27. Goal setting, determination, research, and cooperation are all admirable qualities in a band. Skills in those areas are difficult for most adult bands to master. Boxing Day is leading by example, and I have no doubt that they will succeed. Listen to the audio interview, and you’ll immediately see what I am talking about. The members are well-spoken, and excited about their new project.

Boxing-Day-02The band is very goal-oriented, serious about regular rehearsals, writing assignments, and educating themselves with ongoing music lessons. Front man, Ogden Basye, has been writing songs since he was 4! His training is in Jazz, but he writes with a Pop rock feel. It has taken him a few years to find bandmates who enjoyed collaborating on the same type of music. Basye’s friend O’Lorin Jaillet learned to play drums in order to help create the Boxing Day project. Joined by bass player Carson Nitta, the group plays aggressive songs that challenge the materialistic and cliquish nature of school life. For as melodically pleasing relatable as the songs are, there is an underlying punk nature to the lyrics that is certainly going to appeal to their peers, as well as those of us who are frustrated with the same issues in our “grown up” lives.

Boxing-Day-05Basye gives credit to Alan Jones Academy of Music (AJAM) for helping the group to find each other, and for exposing him to a good foundation of respect for jazz and the composition of music. We are also grateful to the Academy for introducing us to this exciting new band! Boxing Day is currently building a music studio, working on a music video, and preparing to get more tunes recorded. Until then, they are trying to play out as much as possible. We are happy to announce that Boxing Day will be playing with Redfox and Foreign Talks at our youth event this month!

Boxing-Day-01Thanks to Stefanie Fisher/Windermere Real Estate and Todd Edwards of Ole Latte Coffee for their continuing financial support. Hammersmith Rock Institute has joined our team this month. We appreciate the media partnership of Vortex Music Magazine. Local Roots with Robert Richter, and PDX Spotlight. See you Saturday 8/27 at White Eagle!

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