GLASYS – Keys to Your Heart


Gil Assayas hasn’t been living in Portland very long, but his musical project, GLASYS, is quickly becoming well-known in the community. Assayas is, in my opinion, doing everything right. He’s doing what he can on his own, making fantastic music that people both love to hear and see, and making connections with local musicians and industry professionals who are also unique and invested in this amazing local scene. Having been here for not even a year, Assayas has created a professional and navigable website, met a wide variety of musicians to collaborate with, been featured in local media, and now has an album release show planned for September 17. So much has happened for GLASYS in less than a year – Assayas lives and breathes to make music, and it’s obvious! His positive attitude, and desire to connect with the entire music community has made him a sought after partner for both recording and sharing a live event.

GLASYS-Keys-to-your-heart-03An unusual solo electronic artist, GLASYS focuses on straightforward lyrics with insanely jazzy and classically inspired keys. He chooses to play live and in the moment with a variety of pedals and just two amazing hands. With a solid knowledge and education in piano, Assayas uses his classical base to explore and experiment with musical themes and ideas that come across in the songs as clear feelings and emotions. Watching his hands and face as he plays, an observer can sense that Assayas is lost in the music as much as they are.

GLASYS-Keys-to-your-heart-01Assayas is a professional in an industry that is extremely challenging for artistic minds. It seems to be a constant barrier for even the best musicians: how to promote a personal artistic project, while struggling with the contrasting challenges of being humble and confident at the same time. He manages this by being extremely skilled at his craft, being extremely dedicated with communication and media, and being an exceptionally friendly and likable individual. With this combination of excellent craftsmanship, professional reliability, and accessible friendliness – GLASYS is a band to watch carefully. He releases his new album September 17 at Alberta Street Pub with two of my favorite local acts – Coco Columbia and Rare Diagram. This will be an amazing show – three completely different bands, all individually outstanding, and all completely different from one another!

GLASYS-Keys-to-your-heart-02Please enjoy the audio interview to learn more about Assayas and his upcoming album release. His music was also recently featured on TV PDX, Dream River Radio, Dan Cable’s amazing podcast, Luke Neill’s Sounds of PDX on Portland Radio Project, and more! Until the album release, please check out his music online, and see him live at some local events featured on his website and Facebook page.

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