Katelyn Convery – A Voice to Remember


I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a conversation as much as I enjoyed this interview! I feel like I have found a kindred spirit in Katelyn Convery, and I can’t wait to share her and her music with you! At times, I have been criticized for my very personal writing style – so I am sure I will get some backlash over this article, but it’s absolutely worth it! To those of you who know me and enjoy spending time with me – you will also feel a similar connection with Katelyn Convery through the audio interview. The woman hides nothing – what’s the point in holding anything back as an artist, anyway? I’ve found that the audience can tell if a musician is keeping secrets, and it creates a barrier. Katelyn will not stand for any barriers between herself and her audience.

Katelyn-Convery-A-Voice-to-Remember-01Katelyn is a world traveller – she has taught English in Korea, she’s picked up drum beats from South Africa, and themes from Spain – gathering a constantly evolving awareness from all over the world. These journeys, in addition to other travels, have moved her to voice her observations and concerns in song. Her current album is themed around her journey with her romantic partner from their first meeting until now, while paying homage to her various international ports of call. Now that the couple are back in Portland, Katelyn is continually writing new songs – about social responsibility, justice and emotional growth. Each song is personal, as she writes from heartfelt experiences. What I love most about Katelyn is that, even while I was interviewing her, she was interviewing me. She has a desire to connect and understand anyone she comes in contact with, she wants to empower everyone she meets, and she has successfully overcome enough in her life to offer that strength to others.

Katelyn-Convery-A-Voice-to-Remember-03The album Unarmed showcases Katelyn’s unbelievably gorgeous vocals and distinctly intentional instrumentals. I was listening to every single musical artist in an all-local database, when her voice grabbed me and I listened to the entire album. It was not an efficient use of my time, which should reveal how damn great the music is! I was completely distracted by the raw honesty – it’s not just the vocals, though. Katelyn has a firm belief that music, as a global language, is THE great communicator. She is determined that her music can get ideas across, with or without words. That idea is not a new one, but it is born from a deep emotional connection to music as a support system – something which Katelyn readily acknowledges. I firmly believe that she has a grasp on that concept. It’s why her music instantly stood out for me.

Katelyn-Convery-A-Voice-to-Remember-02Once you hear the interview and listen to the album, I know you’ll want to hear more. Katelyn has come up with ways to ensure that you can stay connected. The album is available for listening on Soundcloud and purchase on her website . She will also be listing upcoming shows on www.katelynconvery.com . But, wait! There’s more! Katelyn has registered with Patreon, a service that matches musicians with supporters – they become patrons of the arts with a very small monthly contribution. This style of “sponsoring” musicians is historically established, and I’m very glad to see a group that enables monthly support for artists. If you’d like to check out some exclusive tunes, you can find them by being a supporter on Patreon.

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