Portland Notes Launches an Online Radio Station this January!

Portland-Notes-Launches-an-Online-Radio-Station-FIYou know what I’ve always wanted? A radio station that plays 100% local music 24-7, with very limited commercials…a station that plays a variety of genres with a nice mix, so that I could listen to it in local restaurants, banks and stores. I don’t really want to hear DJ’s talking – just music…I’d like to be able to access audio interviews with the participating artists online, read about current local music news, have access to local music calendars, and know where to find my favorite bands around town. I’d love to be able to find links to artists’ music pages, and connect to their websites and blogs. Maybe I’d even like to be able to submit a new band I have discovered, and get them on the station for an interview…

Portland-Notes-Launches-an-Online-Radio-Station-03They say you can’t always get what you want – but who are “they” anyway? Portland Notes is creating the radio station I have always wanted! Paul Lankow, Teresa Topaz and I are currently curating music for the station, working around 6-8 hours a day from now until January 2017 to gather and listen to and catalogue all the local music we can find. We will be playing blues, folk, indie, rock, pop, bluegrass, country, soul, funk, R&B, and more.

Portland-Notes-Launches-an-Online-Radio-Station-01The goal of this project is to offer a 24 hour stream of all local music with very limited commercials (to pay for bandwidth and artist royalties) and minimal talking. The station will be accessible from our existing www.portlandnotes.com website, where visitors can make comments, access show calendars, submit new music, read articles, and listen to podcasts with local musicians. We are teaming up with several local media outlets to provide the most updated calendar information, recordings of live local concerts, and podcast interviews with local artists. Look for content from Vortex Music Magazine, Local Roots Music from Northwest Artists, PDX Spotlight, School of Rock, McMenamins White Eagle Saloon and School of Rock, just to name a few.

Portland-Notes-Launches-an-Online-Radio-Station-02So…for the next few months, we will be writing fewer articles, attending fewer events, and not be as visible on the scene. That’s because we are creating and building something wonderful! If you would like to submit an artist, please send WAV files or download code to info@portland-notes-5bc2dd.ingress-baronn.easywp.com. No explicit lyrics, please. If you’d like to help in any other way, please let us know your areas of interest!

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