McMenamins Al’s Den Presents: The Garcia Birthday Band!


The Garcia Birthday Band pulls off an amazing feat at McMenamins Al’s Den this week! Starting last Sunday night and going through this Saturday, the band is playing solid 3 hour shows 7-10PM every night without repeating a single song! There is no setlist, the band members seem to read each other’s minds, and the staff and audience cannot get enough!

Garcia-Birthday-Band-at-Als-Den-in-May-2016-01Having been playing for almost 20 years, The Garcia Birthday Band has created an extensive playlist including such artists as Bob Dylan, Smokey Robinson, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, Jimmy Cliff, Traffic, Dr. John, Merle Haggard, The Meters, Neville Brothers, Buddy Holly, Otis Redding, James Brown, Warren Zevon, Rev. Gary Davis, Marty Robbins, Bruce Cockburn, Phish, and Peter Tosh, just to name a few… No two shows are ever alike and the band always strives to bring a true-to-life traditional vibe to each and every performance! The band focuses on their very loyal audiences, playing all around the Portland area, and serving up music that is danceable and designed to foster community spirit.

Garcia-Birthday-Band-at-Als-Den-in-May-2016-03The staff at McMenamins absolutely adore the band, made up of Arthur Steinhorn (drums), Scott Gillan (bass/vocals), Justin Pacuska (guitar/vocals), Peter Bach (guitar/vocals) and Adam King (keyboards/vocals). The men are skilled and capable with equipment, talented and communicative on stage, and beloved by their audiences. Concert listeners come with the intent of having a great time, eating and drinking, dancing and listening. The mood is energized and mellow at the same time.

Garcia-Birthday-Band-at-Als-Den-in-May-2016-02In this interview with Garcia Birthday Band drummer Arthur Steinhorn, learn about the origins of the band, the motivation behind their project, and how the band manages their seemingly effortless non-verbal communication on stage. This band is tied into the heart of our community,creating connection ,through deeply meaningful music, across age and social boundaries. Enjoy the interview, and please check out the band’s webpage, Facebook and Soundcloud sites. You can also catch them tonight through 5/28, 7-10PM at McMenamins Al’s Den.

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