Genre Genius – Logger’s Daughter Release Show with Katelyn Convery: Friday 5/13


You can make this coming Friday the 13th a lucky night for yourself ,if you are so inclined, by checking out a new band that is going to be the talk of the folk music scene! Logger’s Daughter presents their album at O’Connor’s on Capitol Highway, with a special appearance by Katelyn Convery. This band lives and breathes in the lovely space between fiction and history, telling unforgettable melodic stories set to carefully crafted instrumentals.

Loggers-Daughter-Release-Show-with-Katelyn-Convery-02The essence of honest folk music is a finely blended combination of ingredients: intriguing stories that draw on personal family experiences, an imaginative narrator’s voice, familiar roots instrumentation, and the feeling of inclusion. Logger’s Daughter have mastered all the elements, and have created music that is a perfect representation of the genre. The skill of storytelling comes from many creative writing and literature classes, combined with a devotion to the preservation of actual oral history. They call it “porch music” because it’s what people used to do in the good old days – sit on the front porch and share their stories.

Loggers-Daughter-Release-Show-with-Katelyn-Convery-01Betsy Lance, Mike Spicer, Pat Dooney and Bob Macon compose Logger’s Daughter, which has been decades in the making (though none of them realized it). Mike and Pat have been friends since high school, and came together over a common love of music. Hearing Betsy at an open mic, they recognized her talent and what she could add to their music. Bob Macon on percussion adds another layer, and adds the ability to completely change the feel from ballad to bluegrass jam as desired.

Loggers-Daughter-Release-Show-with-Katelyn-Convery-03In the audio interview, the band members talk about their individual musical journeys, how they came together, and most of all why this music speaks so clearly to and through them. Please enjoy the video “Loose Stone”, and come check out this outstanding band on Friday the 13th. The album became available April 10, and is available on ReverbNation.

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