Portland Notes announces our next Youth Concert 5/28: expanding opportunities!


We cannot wait to host another youth event with McMenamins White Eagle Saloon – the staff was amazing. I think we ate all the polenta strawberry shortcake in the house, but the cheesecake was also yummy! (I have not had lunch yet…) This May 28 event is very exciting, because some great organizations are stepping up to help promote and expand this ongoing series! Tickets are now available – ALL ticket proceeds go directly to the bands!

Youth-Concert-May-28-2016-01PDX Spotlight, a locally produced television program who focuses in tightly on a different local band each month, is scouting our youth events looking for talent. Mike Burling, producer, sees that our next generation of musicians is on the rise, and wants to gather a few bands together to produce a special video event.

Youth-Concert-May-28-2016-02McMenamins White Eagle Saloon is again donating the venue, promotional services, sound engineer, and service staff to allow us to pay the bands directly from ticket sales. We really appreciate White Eagle’s great attitude in taking this risk, and we certainly hope they will feel rewarded for their generosity!

Annette Johnson, veteran rock photographer, will be taking amazing photos of the participating bands. Her shots are unbelievable!

Stefanie Fisher Realty has offered services Youth-Concert-May-28-2016-03again – we cannot wait to talk poster design and event planning with Stefanie, who really came through with promotion for the awesome April 9 showcase!

Youth-Concert-May-28-2016-04Stoller Family Estate Winery has contributed towards our out-of-pocket costs! Thank you Stoller, for supporting youth and local music!

Youth-Concert-May-28-2016-05The BANDS this time, wow! Size 85 High Tops will be joining us this time, along with New Social Outcasts, Jack Mortensen Band, and Shadows of the Revolution!

Youth-Concert-May-28-2016-06Co-host for this event: I am waiting to find out if Teresa Topaz is available to speak to the bands about guitar tone – a subject everyone talks about, but few understand. Teresa is an accomplished guitar player and performer, who also is a great consultant and instructor at Guitar Center.

May 28, the next step in making youth music a DO NOT MISS for Portland! If you’d like to help in any way, please email us at info@portland-notes-5bc2dd.ingress-baronn.easywp.com. If you’d like to contribute, we’d love your help. If you’d like to get your band into an upcoming event, please come to the 5/28 show and sign up!

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