With our focus on local youth musicians this month, and a special concert on April 9, Portland Notes has decided to highlight a few local bands that are working hard to pave the way for student and youth bands in the northwest. One such active and diligent band is headed by my friend Jack Mortensen!

Spotlight-on-Jack-Mortensen-Music-03I know I’m revealing both my age and my motherly weaknesses here – but I’ve been watching Jack grow from a student musician into a stellar performer and mentor, and I’m insanely proud of what he’s accomplished. Jack was a student at the Portland School of Rock when I began visiting there in 2011. Already an outstanding bass player at that time, he was a cornerstone of the school’s ambassador House Band. Performing note-for-note covers all over the city at high profile events, Jack was always a responsible and respectful representative of School of Rock’s commitment to mentorship and extended musical learning. I personally know many students who have been personally taught and encouraged by Jack.

Spotlight-on-Jack-Mortensen-Music-01Jack Mortensen took advantage of all the school had to offer, making the most of lessons and show rehearsals and performances, teaching incoming students, volunteering at summer camps, and participating in the National School of Rock All Star Program. He toured the country with School of Rock’s All Stars in 2014 and 2015, playing at exclusive events with other handpicked student musicians from across the United States.

Spotlight-on-Jack-Mortensen-Music-02The best news, though – Jack hasn’t just excelled at learning and performing! He’s been writing his own original music, and has formed a band with some of the most amazing youth musicians in Portland! He has released an album, Interceptor -he’s performing at local events, and will be featured in our upcoming Youth Music Showcase at McMenamin’s White Eagle on April 9, along with the School of Rock House Band, Black Sand, 4 Day Moon, Pedestrian Death Gang, and Michael Hermes. We hope you enjoy the music, and (if you haven’t already met…) really hope to introduce you to Jack in person next month! Interceptor is available for purchase on Jack’s website.

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    1. It was great to see you again on Saturday! I have many things going with getting Jack’s music out there 🙂

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