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Portland Notes wishes for a cloning device: June 11 Shows are too good!


This is simply a wish list of all the places I wish I could be tonight – if you can make it to any of these amazing shows, I would love to see your photos and hear your impressions!

Saturday, June 11

Portland-Notes-wishes-for-a-cloning-device-01Yonder Blue performs classic country with a 3 woman vocal lead and killer instrumentals. They’ll be at Tidbit Food Farm and Garden 6:30PM ALL AGES FREE Show! The musical party is at a community and arts-minded food cart pod. 2880 SE Division Street, Portland.

Portland-Notes-wishes-for-a-cloning-device-02Dylan Lee Johnston closes his weekly residency at McMenamin’s Al’s Den. Johnston brings Alaskan roots based Rock and Roll to the stage with local guests New CD is available at the 7-10 PM show. FREE 302 SW 12th Avenue, Portland.

Portland-Notes-wishes-for-a-cloning-device-03My Happy Pill rocks you on the dance floor at the Wild Hare Saloon. Singer/Songwriter Bryan Podwys will get you moving and engaged – Show is 8:30 start time. This is a dance party show with lively tunes! 1656 Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City.

Portland-Notes-wishes-for-a-cloning-device-04The Adio Sequence releases their new CD at the Analog cafe. With big dance beats, hybrid rock/R&B rhythms, funk guitar, and solid pop rock vocals, The Adio Sequence promises to do what they have always done best: get you moving. Tickets available online $10 Ticket link lists 9PM as start time. 720 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland.

Portland-Notes-wishes-for-a-cloning-device-05Santiam releases their new CD at the Laurelthirst with New Zoos Santiam offers a contrasting spectrum of indie rock songs inspired by Folk and Americana, all designed to be intrinsically dance-able. 9:30 PM, $5 cover. 2958 NE Glisan Street, Portland.

I’ve never had a day that held so many shows that I wanted to see. Portland Notes will be at Laurelthirst Public House to interview Santiam (LOVE this band!), but we wish every one of these bands a hugely successful show – so much talent in one city!

Yonder Blue CD Release at Laurelthirst


As reported in an article published March 15, the country band Yonder Blue was having a CD release a few days later. Portland Notes was thrilled to in attendance last night (Saturday, March 19) at The Lauerthirst Public House. One of the things that made this evening special is your $10 at the door not only get you *in* to see the show, it got you *out* with the “Hey Love, Hold On” CD in your hand!

Yonder Blue is a trio of singers fronted by Terri Lynn with background vocals by Michele Linn & Katie Lou Ellen. Last night they were backed by the band Tin Silver (who recently enjoyed a CD release of their own!) The room was full of loyal Yonder Blue fans and they were treated to a great show.







YONDER BLUE – Hey Love, Hold On


Country music has long held a fascination for me – it seems so simple, to tell a story in song…but it’s harder than it looks (or sounds). The ingredients of a song: the lyrics, melody, harmonies, instrumentation, flow, and dynamics – they all tell a part of the story. When combined, the end result is dramatically more than the sum of the individual parts. Yonder Blue has really grasped the idea of honest and heartfelt storytelling in a way that is very appealing. Terri Lynn Davis and her band have thought through the stories from introduction to plot and conclusion. Terri shared part of her musical story with Portland Notes this week, and we are thrilled to share it with you. If you love country, Yonder Blue’s music will resonate with you. If you haven’t found country that connects with you yet – this might be the day your life changes! True words about life, love, and loss paired with musical skill and attention to detail have blossomed into an album that is simply precious.

Blue-Yonder-Hey-Love-Hold-On-03For me, there is a fine balance between honesty and poetry in songwriting. Being true to one’s soul and inspiration is key to writing songs that make a difference in people’s lives, but sometimes saying something directly is too harsh or cold. It’s overwhelmingly beautiful when a metaphor can be powerful, yet hit home in a sensitive, respectful way. Terri Lynn’s writing pays absolute respect to her life experience, with a dedication to simple chord structure and truth in storytelling. With that solid base, Yonder Blue can explore rich harmonies and instrumental layers that build into the lovely embellishment we all love to hear from good storytellers.

Blue-Yonder-Hey-Love-Hold-On-01Terri’s background is diverse – she’s always loved music, but Yonder Blue is a new project birthed from a lifetime of paying attention to detail, learning lessons through work and musical trials, and being open to partnering with like-minded individuals. In the audio interview, Terri gives credit to a number of people throughout her life who have influenced her musically, personally, and professionally. Yonder Blue is composed of musicians who are very active in the Portland music community – with experience in booking, marketing, producing, writing, and performing. This level of expertise and experience again gives the band a stable and solid foundation, on which they can build and expand their project.

Yonder Blue owes great thanks to Kevin Hahn, who not only produced the album, but also introduced Terri to her fellow vocalists Michele Linn and Katie Lou Ellen. Terri also is extremely grateful for the encouragement of Matthew Higgins, as well as the skill of Andy MacMillan on lead guitar and Paul Prato on bass.

Blue-Yonder-Hey-Love-Hold-On-02Yonder Blue’s upcoming show on March 19, is greatly anticipated by friends and fans of Terri and her past work. The band has purposely released just two of the songs in advance : the title track, “Hey Love, Hold On” and “Little Grace”. The Laurelthirst show ticket will include a free copy of the entire album, in addition to experiencing the full band live! Yonder Blue plays alongside Ryan Rebo, and Jawbone Flats. The night looks to be amazing, with plenty of great conversation, catching up with old friends, and meeting new ones. This is quality work, with good intent, and presented with great love and care. We hope to see you there!