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Death By Thumb – Students who Rock!

The band name brings to mind an epic cage fight, where two steroid-enhanced caped and masked wrestlers shove their way into a small metal box, locking their meaty fingers together before gritting their teeth and having an epic thumb war! However, the band is not about hand violence, or any such silliness…they play real rock and roll music, they have a dedicated fan base and they are all under 18 years old! Death By Thumb specializes in playing the songs you love to hear, covering rock classics with energy, and sharing their excitement and gratitude for the music that guides their lives.

The band formed from relationships created at Ethos Music Center, where front person Cada has repeatedly displayed her courage and willingness to step up and represent the band. It’s been a journey for her to adjust to playing with a band that was already established before she joined. As the band grows, the members are all learning how to communicate. Henry, Mike, Rick and Adrien shared how they have all grown with the addition of Cada as the game-changer. They are now beginning to write original music, with a solid base of classical musical training and a genuine love of a wide range of music.

Death By Thumb has been a fantastic group of ambassadors for Ethos Music Center, often headlining fundraiser events, and always speaking about their thankfulness for being offered the opportunity to make music together. You can catch them at an all ages youth showcase this weekend at the White Eagle Saloon, as well as at the Mogo Music Festival – where they’ll be featured on March 4, along with Boxing Day Band and Niamh.

The Colin Trio – Perfect blend of Blues, Soul and Jazz

Now here, folks, is a band that’s easy on the ears! With soulful lyrics and tone, blues melodies, and lovely jazz chords, The Colin Trio delivers a sound that is both relaxing and engaging. I was drawn to their music immediately with the first few phrases of “Diggin For Gold”, the first track on the 2016 Tightening the Wire album. Colin Hogan’s vocals have the kind of honest raw delivery that reveals natural born talent and a personality that’s willing to share pain, struggle, and pointed observation. Matt Ramsdell, on drums and percussion, carries the dynamics and tempo exactly where it needs to go – while keeping a careful eye on his music partners.. Brian Link plays bass with precision and humor, adding lightness and energy to the trio’s collaborative efforts.

In the interview, it’s impossible to miss the friendship and closeness of these three band mates. They listen to other local bands together, and mention a few that they are following, including The Resolectrics, Denim Wedding, Karyn Ann, and Stephanie Sceiza. Because they are all active in so many local projects, the three have to constantly check their calendars to make sure the entire band is available. The story of the band formation is too good to miss – irony, nostalgia, and coincidence are key to the plot. I think my favorite part of the interview is when Hogan tells of the point at which she knew she would be playing music for life. All three members were doing everything they could to consume and absorb music well before they get into most venues.

The band stood out to me right away – I know you’ll understand why when you listen. There’s an organic nature to the production which allows the listener to hear subtle nuances. It just somehow seems very honest and open, which is exactly what connects me to an artist. One main goal they hold dear is to let the music guide the journey and carry them along. Nothing is hidden here – Hogan sails from her low to high range, embracing the change in tone and volume. I hear the passion coming through every note. Ramsdell is extremely attentive to her cues, and you can actually tell that Link is smiling while playing the bass…this is a group of friends who love playing music together. That tends to result in a cohesive sound and a great live show.

The Colin trio released their album Tightening the Wire in January 2016, and have been playing local shows to share it. Their next two events that I’m planning to attend are the January 11 Local Roots Live Series show at Alberta Street Pub, and the Mogo Music Festival on March 3-4. They’ll be playing Mogofest’s Folk Festival night with Karyn Ann, Corner and Santiam at White Eagle Saloon. To find out more about the band, please enjoy the interview and check out the song link. You can purchase their music on Bandcamp, ITunes and CD Baby.

Mogo Music Festival – Relive the moment!


Okay, so not everyone will be able to remember where they were on November 20 and 21, 2015…but I know I remember! Portland’s first mogo Music Festival was taking over Dante’s Portland and the Star Theater. I was on stage introducing some fantastic new local artists and some well-loved veterans. It was a weekend to remember, and hopefully to be repeated!

mogo-festival-2016-02Jason Fellman, of J-Fell presents, is well-known for his unparalleled influence on the Northwest cover and tribute band scenes. But Jason is a true fan of original music as well, being a songwriter himself. He was able to easily put together two nights of local original artists at two venues, creating a nice flow between acts, and keeping the weekend affordable. The idea was to introduce Portland audiences to 20 original local bands across a variety of musical genres, drawing listeners together, opening minds, and building bonds of friendship and musicianship that would help to propel these bands and fans throughout the following years.

mogo-festival-2016-03The promotion of this new event was novel – 10 weeks of radio promotion with in-depth band interviews, learning the influences of the music, and playing brand new music on Portland Radio Project’s Rock Block Show. Kelly Jones, Luke Neill, Teri Briggs, and Paul Lankow interviewed, photographed, and wrote articles for the bands – discovering new favorites along the journey, and finding out that mogo meant more than just a chance to play for large audiences – mogo was the embodiment of community among Portland musicians.

mogo-festival-2016-01Join us on Portland’s Playlist on Portland Radio Project this week, as we explore the successes and opportunities presented by this new local music festival. We will recap the adventure, and hear some of the exciting music that was premiered. Gene Rowan, from Acorn Sound Production House, also joins the discussion to talk about his favorite mogo moments. Show airs live Wednesday night, 7-9 PM 3/9/16 on www.prp.fm.