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Internal State plays Local Roots September 14 – get your Pop Punk on!


Danny Moffat, the extremely patient and adaptable front man from Internal State (one of my new favorite bands), met me at The White Eagle Saloon on 8/27 for one of the craziest interviews I’ve ever done! I don’t know what I was thinking – Portland Notes was hosting a youth event, and I thought we’d be able to find a quiet place to chat before load in. Quiet? Not so much, but as you’ll hear in the audio interview, Danny did a great job staying on track despite the multiple interruptions! Well done!

The band is busy recording and performing. Internal State just completed a great gig with PAC NW Fest this week, playing along some more fantastic local bands – they shared the Kelly’s Olympian stage with Foxy Lemon, Bubble Cats, The Hoons, and Keeper Keeper. Next month, look for the PAC NW compilation CD featuring a new tune from Internal State. You can also listen to a PAC NW podcast featuring Internal State.

Internal-State-plays-Local-Roots-02Internal State’s sound is exactly what Portland is craving right now – intense instrumentation, with fun noodly experimentation, light pure vocals, and lyrics that are relatable and completely easy to understand – audibly and intellectually. Talking to Danny, I can see that he is genuinely interested in making that connection with an audience – no listener left behind!!!!

Internal-State-plays-Local-Roots-01I can’t wait to hear them live again – and there is a fabulous opportunity coming this month! On Wednesday, September 14, Local Roots Live Series at Alberta Street Pub features Internal State, along with a few more of my local picks. The Local Roots Show is unique – it’s a live show, recorded for radio, which means an interactive audience experience, and lots of energy! Kool Stuff Katie, Yonder Blue, and Santiam are also playing! I’ve heard each of these bands live, and the chance to see them all in one night is almost too good to be true. Admission is a mere $7 at the door. If you’d like to learn about the bands – Portland Notes has written articles on all of them!

Come join us for a night of incredible music – all of it danceworthy! This event is a great chance to hang out with local musicians, make some professional connections, and be an integral part of a live recording. I’ll see you there!

THIS WEEKEND and next week – Support youth music and meet some local band members at White Eagle and Alberta Street Pub!


White-Eagle-Youth-Event-4-05So much awesome stuff is happening in our world of music this week! We just finished an amazing all ages FREE concert at PDX Pop now over the weekend, and now we have a meet and greet Thursday night with Vortex Music Magazine and some crazy good-to-know industry people (RSVP at link to attend) . But, where I really would like to see everyone mingling this Saturday is at White Eagle for our monthly youth event. We’re really pulling this together by adding local bands as mentors, each playing a set and giving the youth some advice about the scene here in Portland and internationally. This month features Berahmand, headlining our show with youth bands Gaffa and 4 Day Moon. (AND…Wednesday 8/3 Niamn tapes a live show at PDX Spotlight…AND…Wednesday 8/10, Michael Hermes plays his new album at Alberta Street Pub for the Local Roots Live Show! ) There’s so much youth music happening – I am overjoyed and grateful!

White-Eagle-Youth-Event-4-02If you haven’t seen and heard Berahmand play live, this is an amazing chance to see the highest level of quality presentation and performance that our city has to offer. Come to dance, come to get some insight into the biz, grab a pale ale, and chat with the other musicians who show up to support. I’ve seen Berahmand at places like Doug Fir and The Star Theater – now, we present an intimate show, incorporating some of our local youth as guest players. This amazing set features original music, but also some cool covers especially for the youth event. We want to give kids access in every way, including to the roots of the music we make now. Expect some lovely dancy individualized covers of Ike and Tina Turner, Amy Winehouse, David Bowie, Rolling Stones, a psychy touch of Pink Floyd – and underlying it all…i’m telling you, the essence of Prince. White Eagle is the place to be on Saturday – Doors 11:30, show noon-2:30.

UNDERGROUND RISING – Vortex Music Magazine this month speaks to the importance of Portland’s unique edgy fringe music scene. Here are a couple of great examples:

White-Eagle-Youth-Event-4-03Gaffa is new on the scene, but the members Astrid Scherlie, Kendra Gruis, and Adam Jones are all youth vets from my original gang at School of Rock Portland. Jones was featured in at least one PDX Pop Now Band this past weekend, and is one of the most sought-after young drummers in Portland. Astrid is always a hit at shows with her striking look, intensity, and hauntingly gorgeous voice. Kendra and I have not had much of a chance to hang out, but I know her reputation as a skilled musician with a crazy good work ethic. Cannot wait to see them finally!

White-Eagle-Youth-Event-4-014 Day Moon has joined our stage once before, and was the most talked about band since we’ve started. With original pop punk tunes, and a grungy 90’s look, the band is fun to watch and impressive with their originality. Emily Schneider, front person for the band, is both gracious and deliberate with her stage presence. Punk? Yes. Accessible and relatable for all generations? Also, a big YES! Excited to hear what they’ve been working on since the last time we saw them.

White-Eagle-Youth-Event-4-04Please join us this Saturday for some incredible youth music performances with adult headliner, Berahmand and a whole gang of amazing pro musicians from Portland – $10 tickets are available online or at the door. (Student ID gets you in for $5) Working musicians, message me for an all-access pass – I can offer a few free tickets. After we pay our minimal expenses, all proceeds go directly to the bands. We want to furnish opportunities for instruments, merch, and training for youth, in addition to venue access. Thanks to our financial sponsors: Ole Latte Coffee, Stefanie Fisher/Windermere Real Estate, School of Rock Portland, and White Eagle Saloon. And a huge shout out to our media partners: PDX Spotlight, Vortex Music Magazine, and Teri’s Tunes. Meet us at the door! 11:30AM this Saturday at White Eagle – 836 N Russell St. Oh yeah! We have tee shirts!

Spotlight on Local Youth – Jamie Iwata releases The Sun this Sunday!!


Jamie Iwata officially releases his new album this coming Sunday 6/26 at McMenaminsWhite Eagle’s monthly local youth showcase with Niamh and Pedestrian Death Gang. I’ve been following Jamie’s musical journey since he was a student at the Portland School of Rock. He was one of the school’s ambassadors and student mentors through their House Band program. I’ve often seen him advising younger students on how to achieve a certain guitar tone or going over harmonies until they were perfect. Jamie has an incredible attention to detail and an overwhelming desire to communicate through music.

Jamie-Iwata-releases-The-Sun-this-Sunday-01The job of a musician is not as easy as we would like to think. We see the performances, and we assume confidence, charisma, and an extroverted personality from what we see on stage. However, in many cases, true artists are thoughtful and quiet, sometimes reserved and doubtful about their ability to communicate clearly. Iwata has so far lived a life of grasping for both knowledge and expression, While attending college, he has written some beautiful prose dealing with life, disappointment, emotional pain, and the strength to overcome. Everywhere he has been, Iwata’s quiet and supportive presence has left the people in his life with the accurate impression that he is full of deep thoughts and good ideas.

Jamie-Iwata-releases-The-Sun-this-Sunday-02The Sun features a collection of introspective songs that feature Iwata’s pure and perfect vocals accompanied by creative and clear guitar work. A beautiful expression of his mind and heart, very honest and vulnerable – a peek into the mind of Jamie Iwata! At the show, Iwata will be joined by additional instrumentalists and will have some physical copies of the new CD available. For now, you can listen to Follow the River from the new album on Soundcloud. The album is also available on Bandcamp.

Jamie-Iwata-releases-The-Sun-this-Sunday-03Join us in celebrating this new season for both Jamie Iwata and Niamh, this Sunday 6/26 at White Eagle Saloon. Doors are 2:30PM, show 3-5. Special thanks to our sponsors Ole Latte, Stefanie Fisher/Windermere, White Eagle Saloon and School of Rock. A big shout out to our media partners Vortex Music Magazine, PDX Spotlight and Teri’s Tunes PDX! Thank you to all supporters of our local youth bands – these are the people who change the world!

Band photo credit: Annette Johnson

Spotlilght on Youth Bands: Niamh performs her EP June 26


Having just released her first EP at age 16, Niamh is not new to the stage. She’s been performing for years and already has a nice overseas fan base. Making it in Portland is a whole different story, especially as a young woman who specializes in unabashed electric rock. She’s determined to get her music out there, having created some very well-produced tunes, and a very easily navigable website. Niamh is an experienced multi-instrumentalist, having spent serious time in lessons for vocals, piano, bass and guitar. She has been an All Star for School of Rock, and a vital member of the School of Rock Portland Haus Band. Now she prepares to present her new EP at an all-ages youth showcase at the end of the month.

Niamh-performs-her-EP-June-26-01Niamh’s sound is full, rich, and aggressive – her voice and lyrics are mature, while reflecting the advantages that young women have as they discover their ability to protect and defend themselves with their words and emotional intensity. Throughout the EP, the lyrics seem to offer one solid bit of advice: in relationships, be aware that one person is probably more invested than the other. This message is very representative of this generation’s approach to love – the power lies in the hands of the least invested… it’s interesting to think about, certainly. The songs that stick with a listener are often about failed relationships, longing, conquering loss, and moving on. Niamh writes from the perspective of someone who has done some research.

Niamh-performs-her-EP-June-26-02Knowing her personally, I can say that Niamh is a very intelligent young woman. I believe she has used her insight from listening to others’ personal struggles, learned from her own mistakes, and gained a good sense of her strengths and weaknesses. The lyrics are easily understood, the instrumentation is skilled, and designed to be memorable, with special attention to cleverly crafted bass lines, The EP is brimming with all the oohs and ahhhhs in the background vocals that make you want to sing along. And we invite you to come sing along at White Eagle Saloon on Sunday, June 26. Niamh headlines this youth event, which features her EP release, another EP release from Jamie Iwata, and an appearance by Pedestrian Death Gang. See you there!


McMenamins White Eagle presents our second Local Youth Showcase!


Tomorrow, Saturday May 28 is another great day in the local music scene! An all-ages concert by youth and for youth will blow everyone away from the first note played at noon! This is an event dedicated to raising awareness of the quality of our local youth bands, as well as to offer a chance for musicians to learn about a different topic relating to the industry. Doors open at 11:30, and tickets are available online or at the door. White Eagle Saloon is located at 836 N Russell St.

Second-Youth-Showcast-02Shadows of the Revolution, an all-youth cover band, will open the show at noon with songs you will know and love. They perform at a variety of venues this summer – catch them here first! Size 85 High Tops will follow with their unique father-daughter front team, offering a variety of genres – all original. New Social Outcasts is next, with some of the most passionate young men I’ve ever seen on stage. Jack Mortensen Band is our headliner, with the lovely and talented Miaya Shambry on vocals. Their music will get us all cheering and out of our seats. This will be one to remember! Jack Mortensen band is also performing in July at a fantastic Radio Hot Tub event, and has applied to be part of Robert Richter’s Local Roots show this year.

Second-Youth-Showcast-04Our media partners, Vortex Music Magazine, Teri’s Tunes, and PDX Spotlight have been sharing the event – Mike Burling from PDX Spotlight is working to create an upcoming episode of the television show featuring some youth bands. School of Rock provides backline again for this event, we have Connor Johnson as stage manager, and the fantastic Teresa Topaz will be on hand to deliver an informational and interactive lesson on guitar tone. John Guffey is training several people on stage set-up and tear down. Danny Frye will run our sound – This is going to be awesome!

Second-Youth-Showcast-03Special thanks to our sponsors: White Eagle Saloon, Ole Latte Coffee, Stefanie Fisher/Windermere Real Estate, and Stoller Family Estate Winery. Because of their financial contribution to cover the expenses of running these shows, we are able to guarantee that all ticket proceeds pay the bands. Please come, invite your friends, and prepare to be more than impressed. These students have something to prove: that they can keep up with the adults! See you there!