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Anita Margarita and the RattleSnakes at Grand Lodge

Turtle VanDemarr on guitar, Jeff Hudis on drums, Dan Haley on guitar & lap steel, and Brent Martens on bass are joined by newcomer to the Portland music scene, Jazzy Lee VanDemarr. Jazzy (lead singer for Anita Margarita and the RattleSnakes) has studied and been involved in musical theater, performing on stage for the past 20 years. Her singing style is a little bit sassy with a lot of strong jazz/blues influence. This band is “too much fun”, covering everything from Johnny & June to Ella & Louis, Doris Day, Louis Prima & Keeley Smith, Dan Hicks, etc. – with added hilarious stage banter. They are the foremost proponents of a new music genre – JassaBilly.

Even though this summer has been hot, it’s always cool in the shade at Pat’s Corner (the lawn at McMenamins Grand Lodge) when there is a breeze. Such was the case earlier this month as I captured this band doing “Don’t Be That Way”, a jazz composition composed by Benny Goodman and Edgar Sampson and made famous by Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong.

Clara Baker at McMenamins Grand Lodge

On the first Saturday of the month, Tara Velarde plays the Garage Door at McMenamins Grand Lodge, and generally brings a friend. She has awesome friends. Case in point, Clara Baker. Clara grew up in Portland as part of a musical family. She has spent the past seven years learning licks and writing songs while performing and touring in Oregon, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, California and the Northeastern US. Her debut album, Temporary Things, was successfully funded on Kickstarter and came out in June 2015 to critical acclaim.

Clara did the second set during Tara’s residency last weekend, and I was there with my video camera. As much as I loved her music, I enjoyed the storytelling even more. Knowing a little background on a song just makes it pop to life all the more. Here is a great example (picked because it made me laugh) for you to check out. Then, head to her show page and catch a show. You won’t be disappointed.

Ashleigh Flynn at the Sundown Grand Ol’ Country Festival

Ashleigh Flynn grew up in Kentucky and cut her teeth on local bluegrass music. She arrived on the national scene in 2008 with the release of her third record, American Dream, and continues playing national and international stages with the release of A Million Stars (2013). A prolific songwriter, Flynn is also an electrifying performer blessed with unbridled charisma. Other full-length studio records include Chokecherry (2002) and Ashleigh Flynn, self-titled (1999) and a live record, Sneakin’ Out with Ashleigh Flynn (2005).

I was fortunate to catch up with Ashleigh last weekend as she played the first annual Sundown Grand Ol’ Country Festival on July 22nd at McMenamins Grand Lodge in Forest Grove with her all-girl band the Riveters: Nancy Luca on lead guitar, Carmen Paradise on bass and Jolie Clausen on the drums.

Jennifer Smieja at the Sundown Grand Ol’ Country Festival

Aware at an early age that music could take her to places that felt better than anything, it wasn’t until years later that Jennifer Smieja grabbed a guitar and started to share the magic with the rest of us. There is nothing flashy about her or her music, it’s all pure and personal, with shades of Gillian Welch, Abigail Washburn and Richard Thompson. To Measure the Sky is the name of Jennifer’s album, released in 2015.

Jennifer played the first annual Sundown Grand Ol’ Country Festival at McMenamins Grand Lodge over the weekend. With her on stage was Greg Paul on guitar and Dave Stricker on bass. Believing the world lacks enough *good* news, Jennifer would sometimes deliver some between her songs. Musically, the show consisted of a great mix of country, folk, alternative and blues, and it’s a blues number, Those Other Days, I’ve captured for you below.

Mexican Gunfight at McMenamins Grand Lodge

Portland’s Mexican Gunfight was formed in 2006 by four old friends and musical brothers in arms who had worked together in various combinations since around 1985. While definitely a rock band, the band’s stylistic influences abound: blues grit, country lyricism, the soulfulness of gospel, a rare jam thrown in … occasionally even tinges of Latin and jazz.

Mexican Gunfight is:
Vocals, Bass / Dave Coey
Guitar, Vocals / Alan Toribio
Piano, Hammond Organ / Mike Walker
Drums, Vocals / Ned Failing

From their album “Long Play“, I love “The Road Less Traveled” which is heard on Portland Notes Radio and in the video below shot at Pat’s Corner, McMenamins Grand Lodge.