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Amelia – Debut EP Available, Analog Show 3/22!!!!


As a female musician, nothing gets me more energized than witnessing women who take over the stage and powerfully deliver a message to a stunned audience! It’s ever so much better when the message is delivered clearly, and pointedly, without shame or fear. Amelia has approached the Portland music arena with confidence in their intent, their skill, and their ability to communicate – listen to these lyrics: “The road to discovery is not an easy one, but it’s worth it to me to be myself…” “The worst thing we could ever do is give up the right to be who we choose…” I love to hear these words presented with passion and drive, urged forward by highly energetic guitar and intensely fierce drums. Amelia is a band that says what they mean and means what they say!

Amelia-The-Truth-Is-03With Jenn Elizabeth on Vocals/Guitar and Tessa Breitbach on Drums, the pair of musicians creates a strong, hardcore sound that is amazingly full and strong for just two people, Perhaps it’s the passion, so obvious in the sweat that flies from Tessa’s face as she hits the cymbals, or in the raw growls that come from Jenn during an intense chorus – or maybe it’s the pure honesty of the lyrics – two women become a force to be reckoned with. They have just released a new video “The Truth Is

Amelia-The-Truth-Is-01The most striking thing to me about the EP is the excellent production quality – the music relies on forcefulness, power, and volume. It is a very difficult task to take music that is so intensely delivered live and record it in a way that carries the same power. To ensure that their music was as aggressive in recordings as it is live, the duo turned to producer Josh Schroeder in March 2015. They began a tour in October, and will end up here in Portland at Analog Cafe March 22, 2016, along with Panoramic and Fighting Casper.

Amelia-The-Truth-Is-02You may research more about Amelia, the band, on their Facebook page, and you may access their EP on Soundcloud. If you want to be encouraged to embrace yourself and recognize the value of individuality, come see Amelia live at Analog on 3/22!

Size 85 High Tops – First Official Stage Show!


With the recent release of their second album, Get Loose, Size 85 High Tops is already seeing a flurry of activity – the 14 track original album is available for streaming or purchase on ITunes, CDBaby, Spotify,YouTube and Bandcamp. The band wanted to guarantee accessibility to all, and they’ve taken it a step further by booking their first on stage, full band performance as an all-ages show this afternoon at Analog Cafe on Hawthorne. Jesse and Myra Keyes stopped by between school and rehearsal to chat with us about Get Loose, the upcoming concert, and the immediate future of the band.

Size-85-High-Tops-03The history of Size 85 High Tops is yet to be written – Myra is currently eleven years old, and has been singing since she was only two. She’s about to sing on stage for a live audience for the first time today, and is very excited! Myra has an ease about her that is sure to be welcoming to the Analog Cafe crowd, and her rich, warm-toned voice will definitely cause the audience to listen in closely. Jesse and Myra work well as a team, having developed this project together as father and daughter bandmates. Though Jesse and Myra have recorded with the full band before, this afternoon at Analog marks their first performance all together with Myra on live vocals. Myra is looking forward to meeting new people, getting some exposure for the band and exploring new opportunities. Jesse sees the potential for at least one more album on the heels of Get Loose, and his inspiration just keeps coming!

Get Loose is a diverse collection of songs ranging from authentic country to complex jazz to upbeat pop – inspired by a range of musical influences and armed with vast songwriting skill, Jesse Keyes has created a delectable buffet for the ears in every musical key imaginable – each song reflects the band’s heart, but each song is very different from the last. The band is constantly incorporating new inspiration, through the cooperative work of musicians with a wide range of backgrounds and life experiences.

Size-85-High-Tops-01The show at Analog is the first of many to come – Jesse and Myra have planned to be very busy this summer, while she has no school responsibilities. Myra looks forward to meeting musicians close to her age in the hopes of collaborating on some youth-centered projects. Jesse is excited about that possibility, as well as making even more connections within the local music community, and working on the next album. There is no shortage of enthusiasm with Size 85 High Tops – total positivity and hope radiate from this family-formed band. Realistic expectations, hard work, and good partnerships have gotten the band off to a great start – and we are excited to see where they go from here. Check out the podcast for more insight, and look for Size 85 High Tops around town!