Portland Notes is here to discover and highlight outstanding local artists, to explore what inspires and motivates their creativity, and to share their talent with Portland and the world.

Kelly Jones – Founder, writer, host
Kelly is a lover of all things musical. Born with a pitchpipe in her hand, Kelly has been singing and playing music since childhood. As an adult, she turned her attention towards supporting and encouraging musicians in their complicated artistic paths.  Kelly thrives on the positive and unifying energy and synergy that are the foundations of music and musicianship. With experience in performance, merchandising, marketing, management, and media, Kelly actively seeks to find local bands and musicians who are wanting to reach out to a larger audience

Paul Lankow – Founder, Technology
Paul is a former DJ and radio broadcast engineer, turned computer geek. He has been married 30 years, has an adult son, and works full time for IBM. He co-founded this project out of a love for music and the people who make it. Paul takes on the technical duties like webmaster, recording engineer, video editor, podcast producer, etc. He also operates another Internet radio station, The Encouraging Stream, found at http://EncouragingStream.com

Alison Dennis – Sketch artist
Alison Dennis is an artist, musician and music fan in Portland, OR. She first began creating hand-drawn sketches of live performances back in 2010 for the music blog Crappy Indie Music and has continued the project as motivation to see more live shows and to promote Portland’s vibrant music scene. You can find more of her live band sketches at http://drsomething.com/portland-live-band-sketches/.

Sharing local artists with Portland and the world