Ra Recorded, By Treneti, Stands Out Among The Crowd

The end of March is a tumultuous time, as the weather finds its place in between winter and spring, we all collectively get used to it being a brand new year, and thousands of musicians around the world suddenly realize that the NPR Tiny Desk Contest is right around the corner and scramble to get together an entry to hopefully catch the attention of the universe. Out of this swirling mass, the calm, playful, and spiritual tones of Treneti’s video “Ra Recorded” caught my eyes, ears, and heart.

Link to video

Armed with “only” a bass, and backed by only drummer Peter Ryan, Treneti spins an assured mythology through the song “Ra Recorded”. I will begin by letting her speak for herself: “To understand the story of Ra Recoded, first you have to understand bit about the nature of my Being. I am one who channels sacred memory of the Earth and human time lines on the planet. This cosmic energy field is called the Akashic Records. This is the space I tap into to receive healing messages for myself, others and the place from which I receive psalms. “Ra Recoded” is a continuation of another psalm I received simply titled “Ra”.

You can continue to read the rest of her amazing story, which was a direct response to NPR reaching out to ask about the song, on her Facebook Page.

I met Treneti during some time spent taking an energetic body movement class, and I can attest to her amazing ability to download and disseminate information, whether it be through music, movement, energy, or meditation. It is not often that a live video is able to truly capture the essence of an artists reach through reality, but this one does. You can catch her playing around town, and participating in a number of healing ceremonies and charity events by checking out the schedule on her website: www.soulfulresonance.com

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