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Portland’s Gay Pride celebrations visually kicked off on Friday, 6/17 when Scandals, one of the city’s most popular gay bars since it’s inception in 1971, held it’s Pride block party on Southwest Stark in downtown. However, for some, Pride kicked off with the monthly stand-up showcase Lez Stand Up.

Caitlin Weierhauser

Lez Stand Up is usually hosted by well-known Portland comic Kirsten Kuppenbender (Coop, Kup, you get the idea…). Kupp, due to personal matters, was not able to host this particular show. However, LSU regular Caitlin Weierhauser effortlessly stepped in to take care of the job alongside Bob Wolf, stepping into the character of Tammy “Gae” Baker, showing up on the stage constantly trying to hijack the show with her own musical numbers which were thwarted by Weierhauser.

Melody Awesomazing
Melody Awesomazing

The rest of the LSU crew of Laura Anne Whitley, Mel Haywood Diane Gasperin performed wonderful sets to a sold out Siren Theater alongside special guests Whitney Streed and pet psychic Melody Awesomazing who’s show is 50% clown, 50% magic and 100% for entertainment purposes only.

Whitney Streed
Whitney Streed

Lez Stand Up is performed monthly throughout the city (Siren Theater, Curious Comedy) and sometimes in wonderfully scenic spots such as Astoria. Be sure to check out their Facebook page and their website for more information.

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