Bridgetown Comedy Festival: Spotlight on Alex Falcone


Bridgetown Comedy Festival begins June 1st , and tickets are now available! Hosted at a number of venues including Revolution Hall, Bossanova Ballroom, Doug Fir Lounge, Refuge PDX, The Siren Theater, Trio Club, Analog Cafe, Bunk Bar, and My Father’s Place from June 1-5, you are guaranteed to find something to smile about! Over 30 shows are planned, with topics ranging from erotic fan fiction to incompetent science.

Bridgetown-Comedy-Festival-Spotlight-on-Alex-Falcone-01Among the innovative festival’s many local performers is Alex Falcone, one of the amazing hosts of Earthquake Hurricane, an incredible comedy showcase that takes place at Velo Cult Bike Shop every Wednesday at 9pm. Falcone is also the host of Read it and Weep podcast as well as the movie columnist for the Willamette Week. Check out his quick interview below and his spotlight feature page on the Bridgetown Comedy Festival Website!

Q: How and when did you get involved with Bridgetown Comedy Festival?

A: My first year doing comedy they offered a thing to newcomers that you could do one show if you volunteered so I worked a couple shifts, did a show on a patio when it was still light out, and it was the best thing.

Q: Why is a festival like this important to the city and it’s growing comedy scene?

A: For the city, it’s just great to have comedy in the public eye. You get all these people who don’t usually come out to shows to watch these amazing lineups and realize “oh, some of these talented people live here? Crazy.” For comedians, it’s an amazing time meeting people. You see friends you haven’t seen in awhile, you do shows with people who are way out of your league. And you see your fellow Portland comedians in a light you haven’t before.

Q: Who are you excited to see this year? How do you think they’ve made/are making an important impact on comedy?

Bridgetown-Comedy-Festival-Spotlight-on-Alex-Falcone-02A: Greg Behrendt is coming back again this year. I did a show with him two Bridgetowns ago and he’s so funny. He had one of the specials I watched over and over the year I discovered stand up so it meant a ton to get to share a stage with him, plus he wears these great scarves on stage even if it’s hot out. Aparna Nancherla did the festival before too and she’ just makes me want to melt into a puddle, she’s so funny. David Gborie is the most delightful human being I’ve ever experienced. Solomon Georgio, Dave Ross, Josh Androsky, Molly Ruben-Long, and Clare O’Kane. All amazing comics that are just about to explode. And, of course, having Steven Wilber and Shane Torres back in town.

Here is a link to some of Alex Falcone’s hilarity on YouTube!

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