YOUTH SHOWCASE 5/28 : MEET the New Social Outcasts!


Portland Notes and McMenamins White Eagle Saloon are proud to present another smashing all-ages youth music event this month – May 28,TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW!!!!! Sponsored by Olé Latte Coffee, Stoller Family Estate Winery and Stefanie Fisher/Windermere, this event is guaranteed to restore your faith in the American teenager! We would also like to thank our media partners: Vortex Music Magazine, PDX Spotlight and Teri’s Tunes PDX for their excellent support. School of Rock continues to come through with backline and stage support!

May-2016-Youth-Showcase-01Our goals are to share music with youth – to offer them an opportunity to play alongside local bands in a real music venue where all ages audiences can hear them present original music. Additionally, we want to allow the bands to learn about the music industry – promotion, professionalism, production, and performance! We are so excited to have an accomplished group of bands for this event, including Size 85 High Tops, Jack Mortensen Band, Shadows of the Revolution, and this week’s feature: New Social Outcasts, from our own fair city!

May-2016-Youth-Showcase-03I am crazy about this band! I’ve been following them since their first rehearsals at the Portland School of Rock in 2012. Formed by some of the most consistent and hardworking students at the music school, this band has been working on their sound, recording, and gigging around town while representing School of Rock and attending to their various curricular and extracurricular activities. New Social Outcasts takes pride in their professionalism as well as their songwriting and performance. They’ve done an excellent job with their web presence and industry connections, rivalling many adult bands.

May-2016-Youth-Showcase-02The band has produced several collections of music (EP, LP, album) which are available on Reverbnation and Bandcamp. Having teamed up with local producer/engineer Bobby Ray (one of the creative minds behind “Bohemian RipCity”) will ensure that the music is presented with the same intensity and passion as their live performances, which are amazing! Evan Seeberger (vocals/guitar) and Evan Shely (vocals/bass) give each performance every ounce of themselves during a show – they are fully invested in their project! Octavio Dowling (vocals/keys) is involved in many local youth bands, and really fills out the sound. Connor Johnson (percussion/album art) holds the backbone of the band with his insane rhythm and communication from his difficult to photograph position. Incidentally, Connor is performing as stage manager for the upcoming youth event!

May-2016-Youth-Showcase-04Playing hard-hitting rock in many forms is their specialty! With psych and blues influences, you’ll hear a good amount of the familiar sound you love. Their youth and passion, combined with a fantastic ear for tone, create a modern sound that will get you on your feet and ready to ROCK! Please join us at the McMenamins White Eagle Youth Event on May 28! Enjoy this video of New Social Outcasts at the 2014 Gemba Festival!


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