Bohemian RipCity – A Tribute from Portland’s Rip Kitty!


On Sunday night, I received a rare text from my friend and vocal coach, Bobby Ray…”Go Blazers! My roommates and I recorded a Blazers/Queen tribute called Bohemian RipCity!” This certainly piqued my interest, for Bobby is a creative genius who often inspires others around him to carry out insanely inventive ideas! Surely enough, Rip Kitty’s “Bohemian RipCity” is an example of this – with a recording studio in their basement, these extreme Trailblazer superfans spent over three straight days researching, writing lyrics, laying down tracks, and posting to YouTube. Now they are watching the video gain momentum as other fans share their tribute.

Bohemian-RipCity-01All members of the band are involved in their own local original projects, and are highly skilled musicians. They also all are diehard Blazer fans, and will record games if they cannot watch the live action play out due to gigs or other work requirements. It’s a household tradition to watch the Blazers, and they just wanted to take their admiration one step further! The goal of Rip Kitty is simply to show their support for, and devotion to, our city’s beloved team – they hope more than anything that the Portland Trailblazers will hear and enjoy the song, and perhaps be encouraged to know that their fans are behind them 100%!

The song is a very specific tribute to the current team and season, but also honors past Blazers of note, and even references to particular team member strengths and memorable plays throughout the season so far. In the interview, I learned that a good deal of research went into this project, and it became somewhat of an obsession over the time period of just under 40 hours of straight Blazer focus!

Bohemian-RipCity-02Please enjoy the song Bohemian RipCity, and the exciting interview with Rip Kitty. I am enjoying watching those YouTube numbers grow every hour! The band wanted to make sure that they credited everyone who helped write this parody version of an epic Queen hit: Adam Goodwin (guitar/harmony vox/lyrics), Josephine Woolington (piano/vox/lyrics), Bobby Ray (vox/bass/drums/lyrics), Hunter Petterson (lyrics), and David Baldwin (lyrics).

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