Unraveling the mystery of BOOKING Gigs – 4/24/16 at Mission Theater!

Marketing-Meetup-April-2016-FIThis Sunday (4/24) will be another great day in music history for Portland bands and solo artists: J-Fell Presents brings us another FREE marketing meetup with panelists, sponsors, and attendees whose advice you literally cannot afford to miss if you want to play gigs in the Northwest. Have you ever wondered…what’s the secret to booking a gig at The Doug Fir Lounge, McMenamins Pubs, festivals, or large corporate events? Wonder no more – come to McMenamins Mission Theater this Sunday (4/24) from 2:00 to 5:00PM.

Marketing-Meetup-April-2016-01In association with Vortex Music Magazine, Mogo Portland Music Festival, and Portland Radio Project, J-Fell Presents is offering another free marketing meet up for anyone in the Portland music community who wishes to learn more about music business best practices. This is an all-ages event regarding “The Art and Science of Music Booking” Jason Fellman is the creative genius behind such events as Mogo Portland Music Festival and Harefest. Being a musician and music lover, he has adopted the goal of sharing his knowledge and networking expertise with local musicians who are “all-in”, invested with their talent and time to build their band’s skills in music and marketing.

Marketing-Meetup-April-2016-02The expert panel consists of Lori Hughes Killen from McMenamins Pubs, Breweries & Historic Hotels, Eric Gerber from The Doug Fir Lounge, and Becky Johnson from Sterling Talent. Not only will each panelist share their advice and accept questions from the audience, Jason Fellman and Chris Young from Vortex Music Magazine have addedd a fascinating interactive aspect to this event – “fauxfest” How about three of Portland’s top booking pros giving you feedback about your booking approach? Submit your band to the “Fauxfest” via this Vortex Music Magazine link,, and the expert booking panelists will critique some of the submissions in real time at the event. TO BE CLEAR, the festival is fake. The marketing meetup and real time critiques on Sunday are real!

Marketing-Meetup-April-2016-03So, ask your questions, get a review of your band’s marketing tools, learn how to book gigs, and my favorite part – network with other serious musicians and industry professionals. See you there!

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