LiquidLight – In the magicians’ own words!


LiquidLight-In-the-magicians-own-words-01LiquidLight is making waves all over Portland – we were lucky enough to catch their show with The Fur Coats and The Love Junkies at Holocene. I’ve seen this band grow with intent deliberation over the past few years – only adding a song or band member when the timing and fit were absolutely perfect. That is what characterizes this band – exact timing is everything! Anthony Medici and Cory West began the project on a firm foundation of extensive music education and experience. In time, the addition of Zack Rodrigues as drummer changed the entire sound of the band, taking it to a new level of precision. Gage Dean’s bass skill has given even further depth to the music. Thanks to Veronica Medici for facilitating this Q&A with the band!

You just launched a YouTube channel on March 14 – that’s a whole new art form on top of the music. How did you find your producer, Steve Montague, and what is your collective vision for the channel?

LiquidLight-In-the-magicians-own-words-03LL: Actually Steve found us. He saw us at our Halloween show at the Hallowed Halls studio in SE Portland last year and one other time at Smart Collective. He emailed the band and said that he wanted to help us capture some high quality live videos. We put out the initial video from Star Theater last month and plan to release one more from that show in the next week or so. We’ll add a couple from Holocene in the future as well but the real goal here is to do some high quality in-studio type videos where we can really control the product and performance. When shooting live, you basically get one shot at capturing the performance. Steve is super easy to work with but it’s such a high pressure situation for him with all of the equipment and variables that it’ll be nice to lock ourselves away and see what happens.

You’ve been mentioned by Jeni Wren of The Gritty Birds Podcast, interviewed by Casting For Two podcast as well as Portland’s Playlist on Portland Radio Project, and you have fans at Portland Mercury, The Deli Portland, Vortex Music Magazine and Eleven PDX. Are you starting to find that you are getting recognized around town?

LiquidLight-In-the-magicians-own-words-02LL: The press in the last year has been quite positive and it makes us happy to know that it’s possible to get noticed in such a saturated music scene like Portland. We’ve built some great relationships with grassroots media outlets like you mentioned and there are always more people to talk to! Sometimes it’s harder to get the attention of bigger publications but we’re biding our time on that. The more questions you’re asked and the more interviews you give can only help to solidify the band’s identity in the scene. We look forward to more opportunities!

Tell me about The Deli Magazine’s Best of 2015 Readers poll award! Best emerging band of 2015? Are your heads exploding?

LL: It was an honor to be nominated as such but I don’t think that we’ve let that particular accolade go to our heads. We’re a fairly self critical band so we’re always restlessly looking for the next thing. I don’t think we’ve ever spent more than a week resting on any sort of laurels. Onward and upward!

How was the show at Holocene? You sounded so tight! Are you happy with how things are going? What’s next?

LiquidLight-In-the-magicians-own-words-04LL: We had a great time! The show went off without a hitch and we got to play some things that we haven’t before like our Courtney Barnett cover “Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go To The Party”. The response was overwhelmingly positive after we finished so that always feels good. As for the next steps, we’ll be filming more with Steve soon but the real task is continuing work on our follow up to Uninitiated . We have some ideas floating around that we’ve been working on for a few weeks but nothing concrete as of yet. We also plan to play some out of town shows this summer which is a first for us. We’re looking at places like Seattle, Olympia, Bend, Eugene and others along the I-5 corridor. Should be a fun summer!

We will be following LiquidLight’s Summer travels. You can check out their show dates on our calendar or on their Facebook page. The albums, Unitiated, Reactionary, and their self-titled EP, can be purchased on Bandcamp.

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