Project Pabst presents – Three Bands you must not miss! Dance Party Dream Team!


This Friday night, August 26, is the opening night for another great series of concerts brought to Portland by Project Pabst! And what better way to introduce a great festival than a concert featuring three of Portland’s finest original dance bands?

Join Portland Notes this Friday at The Doug Fir Lounge for an unbelievable night. The atmosphere at this venue is magical – great food, custom drinks, and professional service from door to bar – I love a concert at the Doug Fir! The bands are not to be trifled with – come prepared to dance – because you WILL be on your feet!

Project-Pabst-Kickoff-04Check out these bands – and then get your tickets before this rockin’ dance party sells out!

Project-Pabst-Kickoff-02Berahmand– is a Portland based recording artist who is quickly gaining a reputation for his high energy live shows that blend Rock & Roll, New Wave, and Soul into a cleverly fused dance sound. As an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, he purposefully self produced his debut album “Empress” on past production stylings involving dated digital devices, cassette tapes and plenty of classic analog flavor. Within moments listen, one can quickly identify an early Prince, David Bowie, Blondie , and the Rolling Stones to name a few. A one of a kind artist that aims to invite you in and move you; Berahmand and his band will definitely do just that! Berahmand was recently a band mentor for our White Eagle Showcase. Fantastic leader in the scene.

Project-Pabst-Kickoff-03Goldfoot fuses musical elements from the past, present, and future with good vibes and dance beats. Their soon-to-be-released single, “Feel Like Dancing” embodies that fusion with a myriad of groove and a heart full of soul. It’s a fresh dose of funk that targets the booty and alleviates your non-dance symptoms. With two EPs and a high-energy live show, Goldfoot orchestrates an  ever-changing dance party for their fans and fellow dancers.”

Project-Pabst-Kickoff-01The Adio Sequence is an original American pop rock act from Portland, Oregon. Originally formed in 2007, the band quickly became noticed for their unique blend of musical genres. Their freshly released EP “Electric Body” pushes the group into uncharted sonic territory. With big dance beats, hybrid rock/R&B rhythms, funk guitar, and solid pop rock vocals, the band promises to do what they have always done best: get you moving.


And Now…In This Corner…BOXING DAY!


Three friends, with a common goal…joining forces to create an amazing youth band – Boxing Day is exactly the reason I do what I do. I am so excited to be able to feature this emerging band of young men at our upcoming August White Eagle event on 8/27. Goal setting, determination, research, and cooperation are all admirable qualities in a band. Skills in those areas are difficult for most adult bands to master. Boxing Day is leading by example, and I have no doubt that they will succeed. Listen to the audio interview, and you’ll immediately see what I am talking about. The members are well-spoken, and excited about their new project.

Boxing-Day-02The band is very goal-oriented, serious about regular rehearsals, writing assignments, and educating themselves with ongoing music lessons. Front man, Ogden Basye, has been writing songs since he was 4! His training is in Jazz, but he writes with a Pop rock feel. It has taken him a few years to find bandmates who enjoyed collaborating on the same type of music. Basye’s friend O’Lorin Jaillet learned to play drums in order to help create the Boxing Day project. Joined by bass player Carson Nitta, the group plays aggressive songs that challenge the materialistic and cliquish nature of school life. For as melodically pleasing relatable as the songs are, there is an underlying punk nature to the lyrics that is certainly going to appeal to their peers, as well as those of us who are frustrated with the same issues in our “grown up” lives.

Boxing-Day-05Basye gives credit to Alan Jones Academy of Music (AJAM) for helping the group to find each other, and for exposing him to a good foundation of respect for jazz and the composition of music. We are also grateful to the Academy for introducing us to this exciting new band! Boxing Day is currently building a music studio, working on a music video, and preparing to get more tunes recorded. Until then, they are trying to play out as much as possible. We are happy to announce that Boxing Day will be playing with Redfox and Foreign Talks at our youth event this month!

Boxing-Day-01Thanks to Stefanie Fisher/Windermere Real Estate and Todd Edwards of Ole Latte Coffee for their continuing financial support. Hammersmith Rock Institute has joined our team this month. We appreciate the media partnership of Vortex Music Magazine. Local Roots with Robert Richter, and PDX Spotlight. See you Saturday 8/27 at White Eagle!

GLASYS – Keys to Your Heart


Gil Assayas hasn’t been living in Portland very long, but his musical project, GLASYS, is quickly becoming well-known in the community. Assayas is, in my opinion, doing everything right. He’s doing what he can on his own, making fantastic music that people both love to hear and see, and making connections with local musicians and industry professionals who are also unique and invested in this amazing local scene. Having been here for not even a year, Assayas has created a professional and navigable website, met a wide variety of musicians to collaborate with, been featured in local media, and now has an album release show planned for September 17. So much has happened for GLASYS in less than a year – Assayas lives and breathes to make music, and it’s obvious! His positive attitude, and desire to connect with the entire music community has made him a sought after partner for both recording and sharing a live event.

GLASYS-Keys-to-your-heart-03An unusual solo electronic artist, GLASYS focuses on straightforward lyrics with insanely jazzy and classically inspired keys. He chooses to play live and in the moment with a variety of pedals and just two amazing hands. With a solid knowledge and education in piano, Assayas uses his classical base to explore and experiment with musical themes and ideas that come across in the songs as clear feelings and emotions. Watching his hands and face as he plays, an observer can sense that Assayas is lost in the music as much as they are.

GLASYS-Keys-to-your-heart-01Assayas is a professional in an industry that is extremely challenging for artistic minds. It seems to be a constant barrier for even the best musicians: how to promote a personal artistic project, while struggling with the contrasting challenges of being humble and confident at the same time. He manages this by being extremely skilled at his craft, being extremely dedicated with communication and media, and being an exceptionally friendly and likable individual. With this combination of excellent craftsmanship, professional reliability, and accessible friendliness – GLASYS is a band to watch carefully. He releases his new album September 17 at Alberta Street Pub with two of my favorite local acts – Coco Columbia and Rare Diagram. This will be an amazing show – three completely different bands, all individually outstanding, and all completely different from one another!

GLASYS-Keys-to-your-heart-02Please enjoy the audio interview to learn more about Assayas and his upcoming album release. His music was also recently featured on TV PDX, Dream River Radio, Dan Cable’s amazing podcast, Luke Neill’s Sounds of PDX on Portland Radio Project, and more! Until the album release, please check out his music online, and see him live at some local events featured on his website and Facebook page.

THIS WEEKEND and next week – Support youth music and meet some local band members at White Eagle and Alberta Street Pub!


White-Eagle-Youth-Event-4-05So much awesome stuff is happening in our world of music this week! We just finished an amazing all ages FREE concert at PDX Pop now over the weekend, and now we have a meet and greet Thursday night with Vortex Music Magazine and some crazy good-to-know industry people (RSVP at link to attend) . But, where I really would like to see everyone mingling this Saturday is at White Eagle for our monthly youth event. We’re really pulling this together by adding local bands as mentors, each playing a set and giving the youth some advice about the scene here in Portland and internationally. This month features Berahmand, headlining our show with youth bands Gaffa and 4 Day Moon. (AND…Wednesday 8/3 Niamn tapes a live show at PDX Spotlight…AND…Wednesday 8/10, Michael Hermes plays his new album at Alberta Street Pub for the Local Roots Live Show! ) There’s so much youth music happening – I am overjoyed and grateful!

White-Eagle-Youth-Event-4-02If you haven’t seen and heard Berahmand play live, this is an amazing chance to see the highest level of quality presentation and performance that our city has to offer. Come to dance, come to get some insight into the biz, grab a pale ale, and chat with the other musicians who show up to support. I’ve seen Berahmand at places like Doug Fir and The Star Theater – now, we present an intimate show, incorporating some of our local youth as guest players. This amazing set features original music, but also some cool covers especially for the youth event. We want to give kids access in every way, including to the roots of the music we make now. Expect some lovely dancy individualized covers of Ike and Tina Turner, Amy Winehouse, David Bowie, Rolling Stones, a psychy touch of Pink Floyd – and underlying it all…i’m telling you, the essence of Prince. White Eagle is the place to be on Saturday – Doors 11:30, show noon-2:30.

UNDERGROUND RISING – Vortex Music Magazine this month speaks to the importance of Portland’s unique edgy fringe music scene. Here are a couple of great examples:

White-Eagle-Youth-Event-4-03Gaffa is new on the scene, but the members Astrid Scherlie, Kendra Gruis, and Adam Jones are all youth vets from my original gang at School of Rock Portland. Jones was featured in at least one PDX Pop Now Band this past weekend, and is one of the most sought-after young drummers in Portland. Astrid is always a hit at shows with her striking look, intensity, and hauntingly gorgeous voice. Kendra and I have not had much of a chance to hang out, but I know her reputation as a skilled musician with a crazy good work ethic. Cannot wait to see them finally!

White-Eagle-Youth-Event-4-014 Day Moon has joined our stage once before, and was the most talked about band since we’ve started. With original pop punk tunes, and a grungy 90’s look, the band is fun to watch and impressive with their originality. Emily Schneider, front person for the band, is both gracious and deliberate with her stage presence. Punk? Yes. Accessible and relatable for all generations? Also, a big YES! Excited to hear what they’ve been working on since the last time we saw them.

White-Eagle-Youth-Event-4-04Please join us this Saturday for some incredible youth music performances with adult headliner, Berahmand and a whole gang of amazing pro musicians from Portland – $10 tickets are available online or at the door. (Student ID gets you in for $5) Working musicians, message me for an all-access pass – I can offer a few free tickets. After we pay our minimal expenses, all proceeds go directly to the bands. We want to furnish opportunities for instruments, merch, and training for youth, in addition to venue access. Thanks to our financial sponsors: Ole Latte Coffee, Stefanie Fisher/Windermere Real Estate, School of Rock Portland, and White Eagle Saloon. And a huge shout out to our media partners: PDX Spotlight, Vortex Music Magazine, and Teri’s Tunes. Meet us at the door! 11:30AM this Saturday at White Eagle – 836 N Russell St. Oh yeah! We have tee shirts!

Katelyn Convery – A Voice to Remember


I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a conversation as much as I enjoyed this interview! I feel like I have found a kindred spirit in Katelyn Convery, and I can’t wait to share her and her music with you! At times, I have been criticized for my very personal writing style – so I am sure I will get some backlash over this article, but it’s absolutely worth it! To those of you who know me and enjoy spending time with me – you will also feel a similar connection with Katelyn Convery through the audio interview. The woman hides nothing – what’s the point in holding anything back as an artist, anyway? I’ve found that the audience can tell if a musician is keeping secrets, and it creates a barrier. Katelyn will not stand for any barriers between herself and her audience.

Katelyn-Convery-A-Voice-to-Remember-01Katelyn is a world traveller – she has taught English in Korea, she’s picked up drum beats from South Africa, and themes from Spain – gathering a constantly evolving awareness from all over the world. These journeys, in addition to other travels, have moved her to voice her observations and concerns in song. Her current album is themed around her journey with her romantic partner from their first meeting until now, while paying homage to her various international ports of call. Now that the couple are back in Portland, Katelyn is continually writing new songs – about social responsibility, justice and emotional growth. Each song is personal, as she writes from heartfelt experiences. What I love most about Katelyn is that, even while I was interviewing her, she was interviewing me. She has a desire to connect and understand anyone she comes in contact with, she wants to empower everyone she meets, and she has successfully overcome enough in her life to offer that strength to others.

Katelyn-Convery-A-Voice-to-Remember-03The album Unarmed showcases Katelyn’s unbelievably gorgeous vocals and distinctly intentional instrumentals. I was listening to every single musical artist in an all-local database, when her voice grabbed me and I listened to the entire album. It was not an efficient use of my time, which should reveal how damn great the music is! I was completely distracted by the raw honesty – it’s not just the vocals, though. Katelyn has a firm belief that music, as a global language, is THE great communicator. She is determined that her music can get ideas across, with or without words. That idea is not a new one, but it is born from a deep emotional connection to music as a support system – something which Katelyn readily acknowledges. I firmly believe that she has a grasp on that concept. It’s why her music instantly stood out for me.

Katelyn-Convery-A-Voice-to-Remember-02Once you hear the interview and listen to the album, I know you’ll want to hear more. Katelyn has come up with ways to ensure that you can stay connected. The album is available for listening on Soundcloud and purchase on her website . She will also be listing upcoming shows on . But, wait! There’s more! Katelyn has registered with Patreon, a service that matches musicians with supporters – they become patrons of the arts with a very small monthly contribution. This style of “sponsoring” musicians is historically established, and I’m very glad to see a group that enables monthly support for artists. If you’d like to check out some exclusive tunes, you can find them by being a supporter on Patreon.

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