Dr. Something – Rustic Machinery to be released 10/1/16! Poppin’ Fresh, Doc!!!!


Alison Dennis made her rounds into the Hot Pink Portland Notes Studio to chat with me about Dr. Something’s new album Rustic Machinery – due to be officially released this October 1 at the Lombard Pub (formerly known as The Foggy Notion). She joins friend bands Lagoon Squad and Metropolitan Farms, who also are releasing a new set of tunes that night. Rustic Machinery comes out of a spurt of creative energy, with songs based on what Dennis refers to as “song sketches.” The album is full of fantastic imagery, and references to very specific experiences that Alison was gracious to share with me in her audio interview.

dr-something-at-portland-notes-03Dennis is a nerd at heart, a really helpful trait for a composing musician. Most helpful indeed, because working with a variety of instruments and playing in more than one active local band certainly requires a knowledge of technology and musical construction. She also has a very active imagination, which allows her to combine science (the Mars rovers), psychology (spiteful hoarding), and a melody – in order to translate the workings of her artist’s brain into a language we can understand.

dr-something-at-portland-notes-01Her song “Paper Tacos” has a particularly personal and sweet story. She is undeniably creative, turning life and relationship lemons into delicious Lemon Drop sweetness with imagery and careful lyrics. By her own description, Dennis combines seemingly random ideas and past experiences into melodic stories that are unique and very engaging. Rustic Machinery is carefully constructed pop music, just what the doctor ordered! In our audio interview, Dennis gives credit to her bandmates, talks about some of her many musical awakenings, and shares the specific inspiration for the song “Red Rover.” The conversation will give you a glimpse of some insightful songwriting processes.

Dr. Something’s Rustic Machinery is now available on Bandcamp, and you can see the band’s debut album performance live on October 1 at the LP. If you’d like to leave a message for the Dr, you can check them out on Facebook, Reverbnation, and Soundcloud as well. Please join us October 1 – music is the best organic medicine!


Metropolitan Farms – Growing Good Times


What a joy to spend time chatting with a band whose motives are completely understandable – to hang out, drink beers, write songs that remind them of the music that they have grown up with, and create music simply for the purpose of having fun. This attitude shines through in their easily enjoyable tunes -true pop songs that have developed from decades of musical exposure and experience. Hooks, impressive vocal harmonies, relatable lyrics, and no pretension whatsoever. Metropolitan Farms is a band with music you love to love.

metropolitan-farms-at-portland-notes-01This band almost flew under my radar – being mature working adults, Metropolitan Farms haven’t had a great deal of experience with social media. With a presence on Bandcamp, Amazon, and CD Baby – they’ve been more focused on creating and producing new music, as well as playing as many gigs as possible. Being lovers of a variety of different genres of music, you can find the band playing on stage before and after hard core punk bands, garage bands, and experimental instrumentalists. Metropolitan Farms appreciates all forms of music – the members tend to befriend all types of bands who have the same goals – enjoy what you’re doing and share it with people who want to have a good time.

metropolitan-farms-at-portland-notes-02With a writing process that develops from a melodic focus, Joe, Josh and Linc work together to create layers of music in such a way that makes it almost look easy…don’t be fooled. Getting a lyrical and melodic idea into a two to three minute package is an incredible challenge, but they do it well. I think Ned Lannamann from Portland Mercury absolutely nailed it when he wrote “[Metropolitan Farms] have fun making quick bursts of guitar pop that, more likely than not, will get lodged in your head.” I know they surely have invaded my head space in a most delightful way.


You can get hold of or hear Metropolitan Farms new (second) album Oafish Twist in a number of ways. The soft release happens this October 1, when they join friends Dr. Something and Lagoon Squad at t The Lombard Pub, a.k.a. The L.P., which is the new name for the space formerly known as The Foggy Notion (3416 N Lombard)! This show is FREE (21+)! You can also purchase the album on Bandcamp right now. The band also will appear soon at one of my favorite local gigs – The Alberta Street Pub presents Local Roots Live Series Second Wednesdays! They’ll be playing November 9, with 4 other amazing local bands on the rise – Boxing Day, Foreign Talks, Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats, and CORNER. ($7, 21+ after 8PM)

Check out this modest and unassuming band, who exists solely to enjoy and share a good time with you! And – please give them a like on Facebook, it’s totally worth the push of a button to encourage such a great group of guys!

Interview with Kelly Jones from our new studio!

Internal State plays Local Roots September 14 – get your Pop Punk on!


Danny Moffat, the extremely patient and adaptable front man from Internal State (one of my new favorite bands), met me at The White Eagle Saloon on 8/27 for one of the craziest interviews I’ve ever done! I don’t know what I was thinking – Portland Notes was hosting a youth event, and I thought we’d be able to find a quiet place to chat before load in. Quiet? Not so much, but as you’ll hear in the audio interview, Danny did a great job staying on track despite the multiple interruptions! Well done!

The band is busy recording and performing. Internal State just completed a great gig with PAC NW Fest this week, playing along some more fantastic local bands – they shared the Kelly’s Olympian stage with Foxy Lemon, Bubble Cats, The Hoons, and Keeper Keeper. Next month, look for the PAC NW compilation CD featuring a new tune from Internal State. You can also listen to a PAC NW podcast featuring Internal State.

Internal-State-plays-Local-Roots-02Internal State’s sound is exactly what Portland is craving right now – intense instrumentation, with fun noodly experimentation, light pure vocals, and lyrics that are relatable and completely easy to understand – audibly and intellectually. Talking to Danny, I can see that he is genuinely interested in making that connection with an audience – no listener left behind!!!!

Internal-State-plays-Local-Roots-01I can’t wait to hear them live again – and there is a fabulous opportunity coming this month! On Wednesday, September 14, Local Roots Live Series at Alberta Street Pub features Internal State, along with a few more of my local picks. The Local Roots Show is unique – it’s a live show, recorded for radio, which means an interactive audience experience, and lots of energy! Kool Stuff Katie, Yonder Blue, and Santiam are also playing! I’ve heard each of these bands live, and the chance to see them all in one night is almost too good to be true. Admission is a mere $7 at the door. If you’d like to learn about the bands – Portland Notes has written articles on all of them!

Come join us for a night of incredible music – all of it danceworthy! This event is a great chance to hang out with local musicians, make some professional connections, and be an integral part of a live recording. I’ll see you there!

Project Pabst presents – Three Bands you must not miss! Dance Party Dream Team!


This Friday night, August 26, is the opening night for another great series of concerts brought to Portland by Project Pabst! And what better way to introduce a great festival than a concert featuring three of Portland’s finest original dance bands?

Join Portland Notes this Friday at The Doug Fir Lounge for an unbelievable night. The atmosphere at this venue is magical – great food, custom drinks, and professional service from door to bar – I love a concert at the Doug Fir! The bands are not to be trifled with – come prepared to dance – because you WILL be on your feet!

Project-Pabst-Kickoff-04Check out these bands – and then get your tickets before this rockin’ dance party sells out!

Project-Pabst-Kickoff-02Berahmand– is a Portland based recording artist who is quickly gaining a reputation for his high energy live shows that blend Rock & Roll, New Wave, and Soul into a cleverly fused dance sound. As an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, he purposefully self produced his debut album “Empress” on past production stylings involving dated digital devices, cassette tapes and plenty of classic analog flavor. Within moments listen, one can quickly identify an early Prince, David Bowie, Blondie , and the Rolling Stones to name a few. A one of a kind artist that aims to invite you in and move you; Berahmand and his band will definitely do just that! Berahmand was recently a band mentor for our White Eagle Showcase. Fantastic leader in the scene.

Project-Pabst-Kickoff-03Goldfoot fuses musical elements from the past, present, and future with good vibes and dance beats. Their soon-to-be-released single, “Feel Like Dancing” embodies that fusion with a myriad of groove and a heart full of soul. It’s a fresh dose of funk that targets the booty and alleviates your non-dance symptoms. With two EPs and a high-energy live show, Goldfoot orchestrates an  ever-changing dance party for their fans and fellow dancers.

Project-Pabst-Kickoff-01The Adio Sequence is an original American pop rock act from Portland, Oregon. Originally formed in 2007, the band quickly became noticed for their unique blend of musical genres. Their freshly released EP “Electric Body” pushes the group into uncharted sonic territory. With big dance beats, hybrid rock/R&B rhythms, funk guitar, and solid pop rock vocals, the band promises to do what they have always done best: get you moving.


And Now…In This Corner…BOXING DAY!


Three friends, with a common goal…joining forces to create an amazing youth band – Boxing Day is exactly the reason I do what I do. I am so excited to be able to feature this emerging band of young men at our upcoming August White Eagle event on 8/27. Goal setting, determination, research, and cooperation are all admirable qualities in a band. Skills in those areas are difficult for most adult bands to master. Boxing Day is leading by example, and I have no doubt that they will succeed. Listen to the audio interview, and you’ll immediately see what I am talking about. The members are well-spoken, and excited about their new project.

Boxing-Day-02The band is very goal-oriented, serious about regular rehearsals, writing assignments, and educating themselves with ongoing music lessons. Front man, Ogden Basye, has been writing songs since he was 4! His training is in Jazz, but he writes with a Pop rock feel. It has taken him a few years to find bandmates who enjoyed collaborating on the same type of music. Basye’s friend O’Lorin Jaillet learned to play drums in order to help create the Boxing Day project. Joined by bass player Carson Nitta, the group plays aggressive songs that challenge the materialistic and cliquish nature of school life. For as melodically pleasing relatable as the songs are, there is an underlying punk nature to the lyrics that is certainly going to appeal to their peers, as well as those of us who are frustrated with the same issues in our “grown up” lives.

Boxing-Day-05Basye gives credit to Alan Jones Academy of Music (AJAM) for helping the group to find each other, and for exposing him to a good foundation of respect for jazz and the composition of music. We are also grateful to the Academy for introducing us to this exciting new band! Boxing Day is currently building a music studio, working on a music video, and preparing to get more tunes recorded. Until then, they are trying to play out as much as possible. We are happy to announce that Boxing Day will be playing with Redfox and Foreign Talks at our youth event this month!

Boxing-Day-01Thanks to Stefanie Fisher/Windermere Real Estate and Todd Edwards of Ole Latte Coffee for their continuing financial support. Hammersmith Rock Institute has joined our team this month. We appreciate the media partnership of Vortex Music Magazine. Local Roots with Robert Richter, and PDX Spotlight. See you Saturday 8/27 at White Eagle!

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